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The two areas of American life that I’ve seen the most changes from the 1950s to the present are in education and the media.  We all started school in Kindergarten.  There was no pre-school in the 50s, at least where I grew up in Brooklyn.  Now, kids are expected to have a pre-school experience before […]


Yes, many things have changed since I was born in 1951.  Some changes are good.  Some changes are definitely not so good.  Others, well, are just interesting.  Back in the ‘50s, my husband’s parents couldn’t buy a house in Monterey Park, a neighborhood east of downtown Los Angeles.  His father was Native American and his […]

THEN AND NOW 1951 to 2021: PART II

Television and movies have changed dramatically.  (I won’t even get into the music business.)  Where men used to be noble, dignified supporters of their family, they are now often depicted as buffoons and slobs.  Francis Reagan, the patriarch of Blue Bloods, as well as the other men on the show, are definitely exceptions – that’s […]

THEN AND NOW 1951 to 2021: PART I

Last Christmas, my niece gave me a subscription to StoryWorth.  Each week she asks me a question to which I respond in order to memorialize my thoughts and feelings over the past 70 years.  A recent question was, “How has life changed since you were a child?” Well, that opened the floodgates and I’m sure […]