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Rielle Hunter’s New Book: “What Really Happened” Does Anyone Really Care?

Rielle Hunter, the “mistress” (news reports’ name for her, not mine) of John Edwards once described herself to Oprah as a “private person.”  She probably doesn’t know what the word “shame” means and I guess she’s not all that “private” anymore – she’s crawled out of the woodwork to talk about her sordid life in […]

Woody Allen: Father and Brother-in-Law

Anyone who knows me knows that I won’t buy a book, see a movie, or purchase a DVD if it’s written by or stars some idiot actor who spouts off about this country, glorifies tyrants or abuses children.  (Believe me, that leaves relatively few choices but that’s okay.) Case in point:  Woody Allen.  After he […]

Cross-Dresser Crosses the Line

Look at this guy.  He’s  Peter Rettman.  Doesn’t he look like he could be anyone’s grandfather?  He probably is.  But he’s also not a nice guy.  Not because he’s a cross-dresser.  I couldn’t care less.  But because he crossed the line. First of all, he’s reported to be a “renowned stockbroker” and University of Washington […]


We’ve become a nation of whiners and complainers and willing to sue just about anyone because we’re too fat, too thin, too short, too tall.  That’s why we have so many labels warning us of the obvious.  Can anyone tell me why they would lick a computer circuit board even if they didn’t know it […]


Not a day goes by that I don’t read an article which floors me.  One of the most recent is an article entitled “Infidelity and 12 Other Things We Blame on our Genes.”   I said to myself, “This is a joke, right?”  Not! The article goes on and describes various behaviors and syndromes which are […]