For over twenty years, my husband, Michael, has tried to instill in me the idea that I “don’t have to say everything I think.”  To some degree, he has succeeded.  To some degree only.  Over the years, he’s listened to me rave and rant on a daily basis and will often say that I make his ears bleed.  Well, for all his patience and never-ending support, I dedicate this website to him, “the bestest husband in the entire universe.”

And to my niece, Carolyn Orf, who is, in disguise, a mini-me, who has inspired and supported me to pursue this website, I thank from the bottom of my heart.   Special thanks to her wonderful husband, Michael Orf, who initially helped me set up this blog, something which I could never have done on my own. I love you both – to the moon and back!

And, finally, a big thank you to Justin Ziccardi, who provided invaluable advice about my blog and helped re-design it.  Not an easy task when there are so many options available and when working with someone like me who can’t visualize the end result.  Thank you for your patience, Justin.