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At the DNC, Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, said Mitt Romney “doesn’t get it.”  According to some, Mr. Romney doesn’t relate to the “little people” because he didn’t grow up like average folks.  Well, so what?  Mitt Romney comes from money, I don’t.  I don’t want him to “get” my life; I want […]


That’s one of the responses from a man standing in line at the welfare office.  If your stomach can take it, please watch this video.  Our country is spending money faster than we can print it and there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re heading in the same direction as Greece – a big […]

Those Stealthy Little Bearded Bast@#%&

For a change, I thought I’d post something that should put a smile on your face.  Chuck Woolery of Love Connection fame, has been making PSA-style videos mocking liberal tax ideas.  This is one of his latest – taxing the Amish 153%  Listen carefully to Al Sharpton, who has his own show on MSNBC, and […]

Is It Any Wonder?

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think, “why do these people have jobs?”  I’m talking about our elected officials in Congress.  How they get elected with absolutely NO experience in matters they’ll be dealing with is a mystery to me.  It would be like me applying for a job as an x-ray technician. […]

It Was Unpatriotic When GWB Did It, But When Obama Does It……

I hope the Republican Presidential candidate will use this videoclip over and over and over next year.


Minnesota, like so many states, is facing a harsh reality.  On July 1st, the government shut down and each side began blaming the other for failing to pass a budget that would solve the $5 billion deficit. What caught my attention was the story of Sonya Mills, a 39-year-old mother of eight children – six […]


            For those old enough to remember comedian, Jack Benny, he insisted on remaining 39 years old on stage despite his actual age.  Some women today still coyly respond “39” when asked their age. Well, they probably wouldn’t if they lived in Afghanistan.  The number 39 is a big no-no […]

The Guys On Capitol Hill Don’t Want To Be Reminded

Link: The Guys On Capitol Hill Don’t Want To Be Reminded Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) last week introduced a resolution that would place a clock measuring the U.S. debt in the House chamber as a “visual gesture” that reminds members of the need to reduce spending. Members of both chambers and both parties have ignored […]

Raising Taxes Just Isn’t Going To Get Us Out of This Mess

Link: Raising Taxes Just Isn’t Going To Get Us Out of This Mess The left’s mantra:  The Rich Don’t Pay Enough!  Raise Taxes On the Millionaires!  Raise Taxes on the Wealthy!  Well, this latest article shows that a 100% tax on those earning $500,000 would not significantly solve the deficit problem.

Sen. Paul Rand Talking About the Budget

Link: Sen. Paul Rand Talking About the Budget I like what Sen. Rand Paul has to say.  What do you think?