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THEN AND NOW 1951 to 2021: PART II

Television and movies have changed dramatically.  (I won’t even get into the music business.)  Where men used to be noble, dignified supporters of their family, they are now often depicted as buffoons and slobs.  Francis Reagan, the patriarch of Blue Bloods, as well as the other men on the show, are definitely exceptions – that’s […]


Anyone who’s read my articles knows that I’d rather stick knitting needles in my ears than watch an entire episode of “The View.”  The idea of watching a bunch of cackling women sitting around a table spewing their mostly idiotic views is more than I can take.  If I watch a segment every few months, […]

Why Does She Have a Job?

As you know, I’d rather set myself on fire than watch an entire episode of The View, but I saw this clip yesterday of Joy Behar saying, “how do we know the photo isn’t of Andrew Breitbart?”  — even after Anthony Weiner acknowledged the photo was of him.  I really don’t get why his woman […]


Link: Gotcha! Anyone who’s read my blog knows that I’d rather set myself on fire than watch an episode of “The View.”  But I did see this short clip on The Factor the other night which I thought was priceless.  Elizabeth Hasselbeck actually left Joy Behar speechless.