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When Jaguars Learn to Fly Planes

Anytime I read that something has been “greeted warmly” by environmentalists, I step back and reflect a moment. I did so recently when I read an article that the government is spending $771,000 on a project to learn more about the status and presence of the endangered jaguar on our Southern border. The funding is […]


Not many Americans can forget exactly where we were on September 11, 2001.  I received a call from a friend who simply said, “turn on your tv.”  By the time I did, here on the west coast, the horror had already unfolded and I spent much of the day, zombie-like, in front of my computer, […]


I like reading license plate frames and trying to figure out personalized plates.  I don’t spend a lot of time doing this, but there’s not much else to do when you’re stopped in traffic.  I particularly like reading bumper stickers.  They’re an insight into the driver’s psyche and usually interesting.  As for me, mine say […]


June 1, 2010 First, let me welcome all of you to my new website!  I think the most difficult part of the launch was deciding on which topic to choose first.  There’ve been so many stories in the news lately which have me shaking my head and saying, “I don’t get it,” but I had […]