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The two areas of American life that I’ve seen the most changes from the 1950s to the present are in education and the media.  We all started school in Kindergarten.  There was no pre-school in the 50s, at least where I grew up in Brooklyn.  Now, kids are expected to have a pre-school experience before […]


As far as I’m concerned, children have one job – actually two jobs – their first job is to be a kid, and their second job is to go to school.  Period.  It never dawned on me while I was growing up that I had a choice.  There was no choice.  I went to school […]

Teachers’ Union Explained

Recently, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg attempted to revamp 24 of the city’s worst performing schools.  Under President Obama’s Race to the Top program, these schools would close down and then reopen with new missions, curricula, faculty and administrators.  Three thousand six hundred teachers, administrators and principals were pinkslipped at the end of the school year.  […]

I Was Right – Tonya Dixon-Neely Gets To Keep Her Job

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled, “Why Does Tonya Dixon-Neely Have a Job?”   This is the teacher who berated her student who mentioned that President Obama admitted bullying someone when he went to school.  The teacher wouldn’t have any such discussion. In that article, I wrote that she probably won’t lose […]

Why Does Tonya Dixon-Neely Have a Job?

Well, if there’s anyone who thinks there isn’t a political bias in our schools, check out this video clip.  You’ll be hearing a “dialogue” between student,  Hunter Rogers, and social studies teacher, Tonya Dixon-Neely.  The discussion centered around the recent report that Mitt Romney bullied someone in high school decades ago.  The student then raised […]

Plastic Surgery for Teachers – And We’re Paying!

After hearing this story, you would think that the Buffalo Board of Education is flush.  Not so.  It’s actually projecting a $42 million deficit in the next year’s school budget. Yet, it hasn’t negotiated a contract with the Buffalo Teachers’ Union for nearly a decade and, as a result, the 3,400 teachers continue to enjoy […]