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THEN AND NOW 1951 to 2021: PART II

Television and movies have changed dramatically.  (I won’t even get into the music business.)  Where men used to be noble, dignified supporters of their family, they are now often depicted as buffoons and slobs.  Francis Reagan, the patriarch of Blue Bloods, as well as the other men on the show, are definitely exceptions – that’s […]


You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to know about 27-year old Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice these days. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve seen the “second” video obtained and released by TMZ of this testosterone-mutant pummeling his then-fianceé, Janay Palmer, unconscious and then dragging her […]

And Who Didn’t Know This???

Who watches football and doesn’t know it’s a dangerous sport?  Then again, who plays football and doesn’t realize it’s a dangerous sport? Apparently, 2,000 former NFL players.  That’s who. According to their 80 lawsuits which have been consolidated, these guys are claiming that “despite its knowledge and controlling role in governing player conduct on and […]

Can Someone PLEASE Explain This To Me?

I know zilch about sports.  All I know is that “March Madness” annoyingly pre-empts Judge Judy (I want to be Judge Judy when I grow up). So, I REALLY don’t understand stories like this one: “Riot police used pepper spray in small amounts for crowd control as thousands of rowdy fans swarmed into the streets […]


By:  R. Neil Kline The world of intercollegiate athletics is an interesting stew to say the least. It is a mixture of money, a smattering of egocentricity, a dash of concern for the student athlete, a yet smaller dash of perceived concern for said student athlete’s actual academic progress towards a degree and then brought […]

I See Dumb People

I don’t get sports.  I don’t get the home team spirit.  I don’t get the whole Super Bowl, Playoffs, Championships, World Series thing.  But I do get that I’m in the minority.   I also get that it’s a multi-billion dollar business in this country and it is what it is.  No one forces me to […]