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When my husband and I bought, what was to be, our retirement home on Bainbridge Island, Seattle was a pretty nice city.  For many years before we actually made the permanent move from Los Angeles, we’d visit a few times a year and always ferried over to Seattle to spend the day walking around and […]

Keep Your Clothes On….Please

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article about proposed legislation being introduced in San Francisco regarding naked dining.  Apparently, walking around SF is perfectly legal, and, fortunately, confined to the Castro District where old ugly guys seem to feel compelled to shed their clothes and walk around au naturel.  Yuck. Anyway, good news for every […]

I See Dumb People

There are SO many reasons why I don’t go to politically-correct San Francisco.  Every time I read about new legislation from the City Council or the city’s tolerance of bums and drugs, it makes my head spin. Well, I just learned for the first time that nudism is actually legal in San Francisco.  Just one […]