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Debate.  According to my dictionary, it means to deliberate, consider, to engage in argument by discussing opposing points, to engage in a formal discussion or argument. Bottom line.  There has to be opposing viewpoints in order to have a debate otherwise you have a one-sided conversation. Well, apparently, officials in the Shawano School District is […]

I See Dumb People

Nearby Seattle definitely deserves to be highlighted this week in “I See Dumb People.” Recently TAP America, a Seattle-based nonprofit, wanted to place ads on 45 Metro buses for the next four weeks.  The ads urged people to “Buy American” and “Shop Locally” and would have generated $8,000 for King County. But the county officials, […]

How Is This Ok But a Cross Is Not?

This crucified Santa displayed outside a courthouse in Leesburg, Virginia is apparently constitutionally protected speech.  Jeff Heflin described his display as “art work of Santa on a cross to depict society’s materialistic obsessions and addictions and how it is killing the peace, love, joy and kindness that is supposed to be prevalent during the holiday […]


I don’t know about you, but I get really tired of hearing about the lighting of “holiday” trees.  They’re Christmas trees.  There, I said it. I’d like to ask all those city/county/state/federal officials who can’t get themselves to say the word “Christmas” to explain to me what holiday is actually being celebrated with a decorated […]


I don’t have children, but if I did, I’d probably have to send them to private school or home school them.  The more I read about the public school system, the more hard nosed I get about education in this country. When I went to Eli Whitney Vocational High School in Brooklyn back in ’64-’68, […]

When Did the Flag Become Disruptive?

So, when did our flag become disruptive?  Well, according to the Olive Garden restaurant, it’s disrupting the dining experience.  Well, who exactly is dining at the Olive Garden in Anniston, Alabama anyway?  Al Queda? When 80-year old Marti Warren of Anniston said she wasn’t allowed to bring an American flag into the Olive Garden for […]

Have We Gone Bonkers?

Northern California school teacher, Steve Cuckovich, thinks it’s disrespectful and disruptive for a student to say “Bless You” when another student sneezes.  He went so far as to knock 25 points off of a student’s grade for saying it in class.  When the parents complained, he stopped the practice, but still won’t allow “Bless You” […]

Double Dose of Dumb This Week

I’m not a football fan (or any type of sports fan) but I do know that Hank Williams Jr.’s song opened Monday Night Football since forever.  Anyway, ESPN yanked his song Monday night because Williams had the audacity to speak his mind on Fox & Friends yesterday morning by saying that President Obama playing golf […]

I See Dumb People

There are SO many reasons why I don’t go to politically-correct San Francisco.  Every time I read about new legislation from the City Council or the city’s tolerance of bums and drugs, it makes my head spin. Well, I just learned for the first time that nudism is actually legal in San Francisco.  Just one […]

More Political Correctness

Elmhurst College, outside of Chicago is, apparently, the first to ask prospective students about their sexual orientation.  The questions are optional but why ask in the first place? Because students who identify themselves as part of the LGBT community may be eligible for “enrichment scholarships.” According to Elmhurst’s website, enrichment scholarships are those that have […]