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Anderson Cooper Kicks “Human Barbie” Off His Show

In March, I posted an article, “Parenting Gone Very Wrong” in which I wrote about Sarah Burge who gave her very young daughter gift certificates for plastic surgery. Well, I guess she’s come to America and recently appeared on the Anderson Cooper show.  After she explained why her 15-year old daughter who she says is […]

Plastic Surgery for Teachers – And We’re Paying!

After hearing this story, you would think that the Buffalo Board of Education is flush.  Not so.  It’s actually projecting a $42 million deficit in the next year’s school budget. Yet, it hasn’t negotiated a contract with the Buffalo Teachers’ Union for nearly a decade and, as a result, the 3,400 teachers continue to enjoy […]

Who Thought Oneal Ron Morris Was a Doctor?

I’m going to go out on a limb right now and guess that if anyone of you walked into a doctor’s office and saw this woman in a white coat posing as a doctor you’d walk out as fast as you could and never look back.  Am I wrong? Let me introduce you to 32-year […]


I’m not saying that Sarah Burge is a horrible mother like Casey Anthony who, at best, failed to contact the police for thirty days after her little girl went missing, or, at worst, murdered her child (which I believe) or Susan Smith who put her two children in the car and then allowed the car […]


Well, maybe that’s easy for Sophia Loren to say, but what I’ve read recently about some women’s obsession to attain the perfect body is downright insane. Let me start out by saying I’ve absolutely no problem with anyone who wants a little nip, tuck, lipo, or lift to make them feel better about themselves.   Mother […]