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During Monday’s Presidential debate on foreign policy, Governor Romney reminded us of President Obama’s apology tour in 2009.  As if I could forget it!  (By the way, that’s President Obama bowing to the King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia although the spin was that he tripped…) Just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a sampling of our […]


Sometimes I think I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body.  Well, not exactly his body; maybe his mind.  I say that because the older I get the less I understand how some dopey women overreact to things said or done by a man. Last week was a perfect example.  Of course I watched the […]


At the DNC, Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, said Mitt Romney “doesn’t get it.”  According to some, Mr. Romney doesn’t relate to the “little people” because he didn’t grow up like average folks.  Well, so what?  Mitt Romney comes from money, I don’t.  I don’t want him to “get” my life; I want […]


A line from one of my husband’s favorite movies, the original Clash of the Titans, is “release the Kraken.”  With that directive from Zeus, all Hell is supposed to break loose.  Well, I feel the same way when I hear those on the left telling Mitt Romney, “release the tax returns.”  I guess, according to […]

Why Does Tonya Dixon-Neely Have a Job?

Well, if there’s anyone who thinks there isn’t a political bias in our schools, check out this video clip.  You’ll be hearing a “dialogue” between student,  Hunter Rogers, and social studies teacher, Tonya Dixon-Neely.  The discussion centered around the recent report that Mitt Romney bullied someone in high school decades ago.  The student then raised […]

Mitt Romney: Why Does the Left Care So Much?

I’ve read plenty about Mitt Romney’s stance on abortion.  What I don’t get is the tirade, particularly from the left, about his “flip-flopping” on the issue. Now, I can understand a conservative’s concern about a candidate’s position because, if you’re like me, abortion is a big issue.  But if, at some point, a candidate, whoever […]

Choosing the Next President in Sixty Seconds

It’s the big showdown in Florida today.  Polls show Mitt Romney way ahead of the pack.  We’ll see tonight. While watching The Factor last night, I learned that Mr. Romney has outspent Mr. Gingrich by 4 to 1 in advertising and that was one of the reasons for his surge in the polls.  He just […]


I wish I were in the 1%.  It beats being in the 99% as far as I’m concerned.  Because I live in Washington State and have no family close by, money enables me to travel to California, New York, Colorado and Georgia to visit the ones I love.  It also enables me to travel to […]