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National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Today, September 16, 2011, is National POW/MIA Recognition Day.  May we never forget those who sacrificed so much for all of us. There are 1,741 American personnel listed by the Defense Department’s POW/MIA Office as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War, as of April 2009. The number of United States personnel accounted for […]

The Story of the Lone Marine

There’s an annual event in Washington, DC called Rolling Thunder Sunday during Memorial Day weekend at which thousands of vets ride their motorcycles to the Vietnam Memorial. Watch the video of Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers who stood at attention and saluted each biker in the procession for over three hours with a broken wrist. Semper […]


I’m so very proud of our military but words can’t express the admiration and deep gratitude I feel towards the Navy Seals who, with razor-sharp precision, infiltrated Bin Laden’s compound and killed him. I say, “good riddance UBL and may you rot in hell with the rest of your cohorts.” So while I’m reading today […]


It’s been confirmed, May 1, 2011, that Usama Bin Laden has been killed by our military.  Congratulations to our brave men and women who comprise the finest military force in the world for killing him. 


I recently read a very interesting book entitled, “The Rite,” written by an Italian journalist who accompanied a modern-day exorcist, Fr. Gary Thomas, during his training in Rome. (I haven’t seen the movie.) In the book, one of the parishioners asks the priest not to discuss evil spirits and demonic possession during his sermon because […]


  Newspaper hold.  Check.  Stop mail delivery.  Check.  Wrap last minute gifts.  Check.  Start packing.  Check.  One thing not on the “to do” list is “go on Facebook.”  It’s not necessary to add that to my list because I don’t need to be reminded that Jeremy will be home in just a few hours.  SSG […]

Veteran’s Day

Today, I’m thankful for all our veterans who have served this country proudly and have kept us safe here at home. Special thanks to my Goddaughter, Jeannine Davidson, who is a veteran of the Iraq War, and her husband, Jeremy Davidson, who is presently in Afghanistan. Thank you both!


  I did not vote for President Obama.  Some might call me a racist, but I voted against him based on the issues.  A 5-minute google search and his interview with Bill O’Reilly revealed to me that he was a far-left guy and told me everything I needed to know about him.  He said he […]

California NOW Chief: Calling Whitman a "Whore" is Accurate

I’m sure if Meg Whitman were a Democratic candidate, we’d hear a whole different story from California’s NOW Chief.  Although the national NOW President condemned any use of the word “whore,” I didn’t hear NOW defend Sarah Palin when she was subjected to all sorts of vile comments.