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I Still Don’t Get It

A few days ago, I wrote about these two American hikers expected to be released from an Iranian prison. Well, today, they were released after a $1 million ransom, uh, I mean, bail was paid. Instead of being grateful to the State Department, one of these numbnuts had to slam this country by saying that […]

If You’re Not Ready to Do the Time, Stay Home

To celebrate our 60th and 65th birthdays, my husband and I were going to take a cruise to Egypt and Israel.  We were all set to book the cruise when all hell broke loose in the Middle East.  Even though Princess still goes to there, we’re not about to travel in volatile waters.  We heed […]


Just this past week, Teresa Lewis was executed in the state of Virginia – the first woman to be executed in that state since 1912.  She pleaded guilty in 2003 to capital murder for hire in the killing of her husband, Julian, and his 25-year old son, Charles.  Charles had a $250,000 insurance which named […]