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Union Thug Bashes Gov. Nikki Haley Pinata

I love when these things end up on youtube.  It just goes to show how vile the far left can be. Last weekend, during a retirement gathering for outgoing AFL-CIO South Carolina Chapter President, Donna Dewitt, she took a baseball to a pinata bearing a likewise to S.C. Governor Nikki Haley who has been an […]


On February 26th, I was no where near the shooting of Trayvon Martin so I have no idea what happened.  I don’t know Trayvon; I don’t know George Zimmerman.  I don’t know if Trayvon did anything to provoke George and I have no idea what went on in George’s head or heart so I have […]

Flash Mobs – Where’s the Black Leadership in All This?

This is a video of a 7-11 in Maryland being robbed by what’s called a “flash mob” similar to those happening in Philadelphia.  Instead of going on vacation, why isn’t President Obama addressing this growing issue?  Where is the Rev. Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson on all this?


As far as I’m concerned, diversity training is like spam.  Too many people get and nobody wants it. I recently read that the U.S. Agriculture Department has hired a consulting firm to advise it on “diversity” matters.  Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack has “taken a number of actions to make his department more sensitive to civil […]