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When I read last week that there were over 20 House and Senate Democrats that planned to boycott Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress this morning, I was furious. Today, I read that the numbers had increased to 50. Those members of Congress are paid to do a job by “we, the people” […]

Dumbbells Even in China

I usually reserve my weekly feature “I See Dumb People” to people in America but sometimes I read about something really dumb elsewhere around the world. This week’s entry involves a 17-year old teenager who sold his kidney so he could buy an iPhone and iPad.    I’ve read about and have actually seen a movie […]

I Thought It Was a Joke

You may know that a U.S. drone is now in the possession of Iran. I read lots of articles all day long.  Yesterday, when I read that President Obama asked Iran for the drone back, I really thought it was a joke.  I had a hundred other things to do, so I didn’t think about […]