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Craziness of Occupy Oakland

On June 13, H.E.A.T. Watch (Human Exploitation and Trafficking) held a conference in Oakland, CA to end human exploitation and trafficking.  According to H.E.A.T.’s website, it was designed to enhance the capacity of law enforcement and practitioners to combat commercial sex trafficking of children.  That’s a good thing, right? Well, not to those idiots calling […]

This is What Human Trash Looks Like

If you look up the words “despicable,” “creep,” “scumbag,” or “disgusting human being,” you’ll probably see a picture of this man.  His name is Richard Finkbiner, age 39 of Brazil, Indiana. “Why is Leona being so harsh on this guy?” you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you. Last month, he was charged in a federal complaint […]


I shouldn’t be surprised when I see disturbing photos of provocatively dressed and made up young girls in an issue of French Vogue or that some French company is launching a line of lingerie for 4- to 12-year olds.  After all, this is the same country which gave convicted child rapist, Roman Polanski, safe haven […]