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Since the day Trayvon Martin was shot, all I’ve heard are screams for “justice.”  What exactly does that mean? According to my dictionary, justice means, “n. 1.a. The principle of moral rightness; equity.  b. Conformity to moral rightness in action or attitude; righteousness.  2. The upholding of what is just, esp. fair treatment and due […]

Down the Drain

I really wasn’t sure whether to post this under yesterday’s I See Dumb People or here under Down the Drain.  But this week’s prize goes to the Department of Justice in either case. The death penalty is legal in both Florida and Texas.  Notwithstanding that fact, this administration’s DOJ is anti-capital punishment and has given […]

Eric Holder and the Department of Justice

Well, it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks Eric Holder shouldn’t be the Attorney General.  Some months back, I wrote an article, “And Justice for All.” Now, an article in Human Events, gives its own “Top 10 Reasons Eric Holder Should Not Be Attorney General.”


As far as I’m concerned, diversity training is like spam.  Too many people get and nobody wants it. I recently read that the U.S. Agriculture Department has hired a consulting firm to advise it on “diversity” matters.  Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack has “taken a number of actions to make his department more sensitive to civil […]


                                         There’s a lot about the Department of Justice that I just don’t get.  The main thing I don’t get, though, is Eric Holder, the Attorney General.  In the last two years, he’s done a lot of very strange and stupid things. Most recently, the DOJ decided to try terrorist Ahmed Ghailani in […]


  I did not vote for President Obama.  Some might call me a racist, but I voted against him based on the issues.  A 5-minute google search and his interview with Bill O’Reilly revealed to me that he was a far-left guy and told me everything I needed to know about him.  He said he […]