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Back on September 10, 2012, I posted the following article: This isn’t the first time that I’ve been outraged to read about what convicts who commit the most heinous crimes are provided in prison.  And, I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Robert Kosilek’s story is just the latest outrageous waste of taxpayers’ money.  I’m […]


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, if people used their computer and technological skills and energy in a positive way, we’d all be better off.  Instead, far too many use those skills in destructive, negative ways.  I’m talking about the internet scammers.  I’m sure you’ve all encountered them one way […]

Follow Up Story on Lottery Winner/Welfare Recipient Amanda Clayton

A while ago, I wrote an article “Stories that Put a Smile on my Face”  It was an article about Amanda Clayton who won a $1 million lottery and still continued to collect welfare from the state.  The reason it put a smile on my face was because she was caught and forced to pay […]

I’m Surprised She Didn’t Blame President Bush

Meet 82-year old Doris Thompson.  Her criminal career spans almost six decades.  Burglary seems to be her crime of choice and she’s been in prison at least nine times. You’d think someone would learn their lesson after a life a crime.  But not Doris.  She was recently arrested for looting doctors’ offices in the Torrance, […]

Criminals’ Rights vs. Victims’ Rights

After 17-year old, Savannah Dietrich, was sexually assaulted last year, the two criminals who attacked her circulated the pictures they had taken of her to their friends.  After the assault, she did the right thing.  She reported the incident and these guys were arrested. What happened next is not surprising to me. They cut a […]

Cross-Dresser Crosses the Line

Look at this guy.  He’s  Peter Rettman.  Doesn’t he look like he could be anyone’s grandfather?  He probably is.  But he’s also not a nice guy.  Not because he’s a cross-dresser.  I couldn’t care less.  But because he crossed the line. First of all, he’s reported to be a “renowned stockbroker” and University of Washington […]

Stories that Put a Smile on my Face

Too often I’m reading stories that are either disturbing or infuriating.  A lot make me angry or have me scratching my head because I just don’t get it.  Well, two stories this week put a smile on my face. I first heard about Amanda Clayton, the Michigan $1 million lottery winner, on The O’Reilly Factor […]


I may not have a Ph.D. from Harvard, but I like to think that I have common sense.  Like Jim Croce once sang, “You don’t spit in the wind, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, and you don’t mess around with Jim.”  Words to live by. Unfortunately, there are those that live here in the […]

I See Dumb People

Michael Fuller of North Carolina thought he was going to hit the big time when he went into a store to buy $476 worth of stuff at Walmart.  Either he was incredibly dumb or trying to pull a fast one – I say both. He tried buying his vacuum cleaner with a $1,000,000.00 bill insisting […]

I See Dumb People

I guess we have to start out with the premise that you’re probably dumb if you’ve ended up in jail.  So it shouldn’t surprise me when I read about really dumb lawsuits filed by some inmates. If you’ve read anything I’ve written about prisons, you’ll know that I don’t get why prisoners get for free […]