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THEN AND NOW 1951 to 2021: PART I

Last Christmas, my niece gave me a subscription to StoryWorth.  Each week she asks me a question to which I respond in order to memorialize my thoughts and feelings over the past 70 years.  A recent question was, “How has life changed since you were a child?” Well, that opened the floodgates and I’m sure […]


By now, you’ve probably seen or heard about Karen Klein, the school bus monitor, who was verbally attacked by a pack of feral teenagers.  This story reminds me of a Stephen King story about mutant kids who believe anyone over 18 should die. Growing up, if I or anyone in my school had done something […]

Anderson Cooper Kicks “Human Barbie” Off His Show

In March, I posted an article, “Parenting Gone Very Wrong” in which I wrote about Sarah Burge who gave her very young daughter gift certificates for plastic surgery. Well, I guess she’s come to America and recently appeared on the Anderson Cooper show.  After she explained why her 15-year old daughter who she says is […]

I Just Don’t Get It. Period.

If you haven’t been standing on line in your local grocery store, you probably haven’t seen the latest cover of Time magazine. Meet Jamie Lynne Grumet and her 3-year old son.  She’s already on the talk show circuit and, quite frankly, I don’t care what she has to say and I’m not at all interested […]

What’s Wrong With This Woman?

I’ve written about bad parenting in the past.  Crazy parents naming their children after Nazis.  Idiots who put their children into beauty pageants.  And who could forget that loon in England who gave her child a gift certificate for plastic surgery. Well, there’s no shortage of these numbnuts.  The latest comes from New Jersey.  Patricia […]


I’ve written before about the results and consequences facing children who are born out of wedlock.  The whole “I don’t need to be married in order to have a child” lifestyle, encouraged by the example of numerous celebrities who the media glorify, will continue to have an enormous negative impact on society.  Legitimate studies already […]


I’m not saying that Sarah Burge is a horrible mother like Casey Anthony who, at best, failed to contact the police for thirty days after her little girl went missing, or, at worst, murdered her child (which I believe) or Susan Smith who put her two children in the car and then allowed the car […]


“They’re called ‘helicopter parents,’” my niece said.  I don’t know how this slipped by me, but I had no idea there was an actual name for parents who overparent and refuse to let their children take responsibility for their wrongdoing or impose any consequences of their children for their own actions.  In other words, these […]

I See Dumb People

Last week, in a suburb of Detroit, the cops pulled over a van being driven by a 9-year old girl at 3 o’clock in the morning. Turns out, her dimwit father, who was drunk on whiskey, decided to go out and stopped at a convenience store and bragged to the clerk that his 9-year old […]

Tattoo Barbie

I thought I’d seen it all when the Bratz dolls, which look like little hookers, were the rage.  I have no idea whether they’re still popular but I thought they were awful, really ugly and in very poor taste. But now we’ve got Tattoo Barbie with some serious ink.  Mattel says the new Barbie is […]