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Cross-Dresser Crosses the Line

Look at this guy.  He’s  Peter Rettman.  Doesn’t he look like he could be anyone’s grandfather?  He probably is.  But he’s also not a nice guy.  Not because he’s a cross-dresser.  I couldn’t care less.  But because he crossed the line. First of all, he’s reported to be a “renowned stockbroker” and University of Washington […]

Why Does Tonya Dixon-Neely Have a Job?

Well, if there’s anyone who thinks there isn’t a political bias in our schools, check out this video clip.  You’ll be hearing a “dialogue” between student,  Hunter Rogers, and social studies teacher, Tonya Dixon-Neely.  The discussion centered around the recent report that Mitt Romney bullied someone in high school decades ago.  The student then raised […]

Can Someone PLEASE Explain This To Me?

I know zilch about sports.  All I know is that “March Madness” annoyingly pre-empts Judge Judy (I want to be Judge Judy when I grow up). So, I REALLY don’t understand stories like this one: “Riot police used pepper spray in small amounts for crowd control as thousands of rowdy fans swarmed into the streets […]

Rewarding Incompetence

A year after a major financial scandal hit Seattle involving the Seattle Public Schools, two top officials canned have landed lucrative jobs elsewhere. Former Superintendent, Maria Goodloe-Johnson, is now the top academic officer for the Education Achievement System in Detroit and former Chief Financial Officer, Don Kennedy, moved across country to Connecticut who is temporarily […]

Students Buy Grades

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Apparently, students in Florida were able to buy their grades.  All students had to do was staple the cash to the test or quiz they wanted their math teacher Jeff Spires to amend, according to the news report.  His money-making scam came to light in October and he finally resigned […]

I See Dumb People

People never cease to amaze me.  Day after day, I read something about some nut job going crazy over the most ridiculous things. A guy was finally arrested after calling 911, not once, but five times, to complain that his iPhone wasn’t working properly.  Now that’s a real emergency. Another moron in North Carolina caused […]

Do I Smell a New Defense?

According to a new study, high-school students in inner-city Boston who consumed more than five cans of non-diet, fizzy soft drinks every week were between nine and 15-percent likelier to engage in an aggressive act compared with counterparts who drank less. I drank soda all my life – non-diet in my earlier years and I […]

I Still Don’t Get It

A few days ago, I wrote about these two American hikers expected to be released from an Iranian prison. Well, today, they were released after a $1 million ransom, uh, I mean, bail was paid. Instead of being grateful to the State Department, one of these numbnuts had to slam this country by saying that […]

Down the Drain

Members of Congress aren’t the only ones that can’t balance a budget.   No matter what level of government, money just burns holes in the pockets of public officials.  They just can’t help themselves. Case in point.  Andrea Merida, one of seven on Denver’s School Board.  As a member, she’s charged with overseeing a budget of […]

If You’re Not Ready to Do the Time, Stay Home

To celebrate our 60th and 65th birthdays, my husband and I were going to take a cruise to Egypt and Israel.  We were all set to book the cruise when all hell broke loose in the Middle East.  Even though Princess still goes to there, we’re not about to travel in volatile waters.  We heed […]