Hi, my name is Leona Salazar.  I live on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, Michael.  I’m a lawyer licensed to practice in both California and Washington. I work for my husband who is also a lawyer; our area of expertise is child abuse and neglect.

As the years go by, the more I find myself scratching my head and saying, “I don’t get it.”

I grew up in Greenpoint, a part of Brooklyn, NY, in the 50s.  When I was old enough to vote, I was a registered Liberal for probably no other reason than to tick off the adults in my life or because I thought it was “cool.”  I’ve been a registered Republican for decades and would register as a “Conservative” if Washington State had the option.

As a Conservative, I’m in a very small minority on the island.  There are a few of us but not many.  Reading the local newspaper, and particularly the letters to the editor, provides me the endless opportunity to shake my head and think to myself, “I don’t get it.”  It does make voting very easy, because whatever or whomever the local paper endorses, I vote the opposite and I’ve never been unhappy with my choices after doing my own research.

I’m pretty much a news junkie and pull information from numerous websites.  On any given day, I’m reading something from FOX News, Seattle Times, NY Times, LA Times, World Net Daily, Washington Post, Washington Times, Media Matters, top news stories on Yahoo, E! Online, People magazine, and follow several personalities and organizations on Twitter.

Over the last three years, I’ve written about people or events I’ve either read about or encountered and have finally decided to write about these little mysteries – well, at least, they’re mysteries to me — and hope to make people think or laugh, or, hopefully, both.  It’s not my intention to offend anyone who “gets it.”  I simply don’t.

When I began blogging in June of 2010, I was very fortunate to become a contributor on Bernard Goldberg’s website, www.bernardgoldberg.com.   If you like what you read, please pass it along.  If you don’t like what you read, pass it along to someone you think might.

Things are happening so fast around us every day it’s hard to keep up with it all.  In the end, it feels like I’m more confused than ever and just don’t get it.  If you get it, God bless you.