Yes, it’s time.  I Don’t Get It will go off line on June 8, 2023

I started writing back in 2007 and eventually uploaded my blog in May 2010.  I described the blog as the “musings of a (then almost) 60-year-old conservative woman on political, social and cultural life in America.”  I am now 71 years old.

If you’ve ever read about me on the website, you’ll know the reason I started the blog was because, as I’d gotten older, the more I found myself scratching my head and saying, “I don’t get it.”  Today, I still scratch my head but say, “There’s not a darn thing I can do about it.”

Like most bloggers, I’m sure, I had hoped to monetize my blog but I really didn’t have a clue how to do it.  My readership never really increased over the years, a few people opted out, exposure increased as a result of Bernard Goldberg adding me as a “contributor” to his website, but, overall, according to MailChimp which sends out my blog, most people hadn’t even opened the email or read the article. 

I never believed I could change anyone’s mind, but rather considered this blog my catharsis; an opportunity to express the outrage I felt over what I’d observed around me and an outlet for my frustration. 

No one is going to change anyone’s mind at this point.  The divide is far too great in this country.  I’ve come to accept that reality.  What I’ve done is simply resigned myself to the fact that this wonderful country is going down the toilet and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. 

I retired from the practice of law in 2012, and I was always far more productive in my writing when I actually worked.  As the years have gone by, and my interests, aside from writing, have exponentially increased, I found myself blogging less and less every year until, finally, I seldom posted more than once or twice a year.  I really don’t see the point anymore.

Like I said, I used to scratch my head and say, “I don’t get it.” Now, I’ve realized that America, as I’ve known it, is truly heading into the abyss. I have no hope for America and I feel extremely sad for my grand nieces and nephews who now live in a world where all that matters is your sexual orientation, your “gender” which can change from day to day, your politics, and, of course, the color of your skin.  The politically correct world of checking the boxes of diversity is rampant and I’m not sure how this country will ever go back to merit being the only criteria for advancement.

The 13 genders recognized in New York City I wrote about in 2016 seemed to have been an anomaly limited to uber-liberal NYC, but, today, the idea of more than two genders seems to be widespread.  Not a week goes by when I don’t read about some celebrity or other attention-grabbing has-been who is attempting to dictate to the rest of us which pronoun he or she now wishes to be addressed.  Unfortunately, this hysteria has now spread throughout the country and I’ve read far too often about kids all over the country being brainwashed into thinking they’re something they’re not. 

The biggest travesty, however, is the encouragement and enabling by school districts around the country, many times without the parents’ knowledge.  Doctors are far too willing to prescribe drugs and perform extreme surgeries on the far too young to address these issues. 

Males, who still possess “man parts” (who, in my opinion, are transvestites) are able to compete in girls’ sports or be named “woman of the year” and we’re all supposed to applaud. 

National corporations are now selecting persons who make up approximately 1% of the population to be spokesmen for their products while biological women are becoming as invisible as white men are supposedly becoming too toxic.

There was a time, perhaps 30 years ago, when people who considered themselves transsexuals were required to follow a therapeutic protocol.  After therapy and a year living as the other sex, qualified psychologists actually gave their imprimatur for surgery.  From those I’ve known, their only concern was to be able to live their lives quietly.  They didn’t advertise who they were. 

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t need to know any of these things about anyone.  If someone has successfully transitioned, we shouldn’t even know about it when we look at them.  But that’s not the way it is nowadays.  It is absolutely imperative for the general public to know if someone is gay, bi, trans, or whatever else they wish to call themselves. 

When a Supreme Court nominee couldn’t even answer the question “What is a woman?” I knew every basic sensibility in this country was lost.  But, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson now sits on the Supreme Court.  So, I really don’t want to hear anything about “sexism” when the Progressives can’t even tell the difference between the sexes. 

Why are females called actors instead of actresses?  If that’s what they want to be called, they should eliminate “Best Actress” awards.   

When Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, so-called devout Catholics, can promote abortion up to the time of birth and are never called out by the Pope, something is very wrong.

When you’re able to depict pictures of abused cats and dogs on television, yet you’ll never see a commercial about abortion, I say, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Only Black Lives Matter …. except black babies murdered in abortion.   

When I’m now paying close to $5 for a gallon for gas because of Joe Biden’s policies (which he made perfectly clear before the election), when just a few years ago we were energy independent, I have to wonder how this man got elected President.   

When an Omnibus Bill introduced on a Tuesday – over 4,000 pages long – was expected to be voted on Friday, with no member of Congress asking the leadership how they were expected to read that many pages in two days, I knew there wasn’t much else to say.

When illegal immigration is rampant on our Southern border, with no one being required to show Wuhan virus vaccinations, yet, a world-class tennis player, Novak Djokovic, in his prime, couldn’t enter the United States to compete because he would not subject himself to the questionable vaccines available, we’ve lost it as a Nation.

I worked and paid my own way through college AND law school and graduated from both with no debt.  Yet, if the Left has its way, I should have to pay for those who didn’t save, took out loans from the government and now don’t feel the need to pay them back.  In other words, my tax dollars are expected to reward irresponsibility. 

When I see career politicians who have been in Congress for decades, I have to wonder why they don’t have lives? Why don’t they have real jobs like the rest of us?  Don’t they have spouses, families, friends outside of the halls of Congress?  Term limits!  As a very dear friend of mine commented a long time ago, “They’re all rat bastards.” I’ve come to pretty much think the same way.  They’ll say and do anything to get elected.  They spend our money like there’s no tomorrow and think they actually control us.  Just a reminder to those lifetime career politicians:  “We, the people control you.  Not the other way around.”   

My head practically explodes when I read about the dishonesty and the games these people play when they introduce bills and then include other provisions, completely unrelated, just so that they can get the original bill passed.  For want of a better world, it’s disgusting.

And the spending.  When one considers that the Founding Fathers pretty much limited the federal government to two things:  maintain an army and create policy regarding immigration, you can see how far we’ve strayed from the original intent of the founding of this country when you read about the spending in the Annual Congressional Pig Book, and the disdain for the American taxpayer goes on and on and on……

If I ran our household the way members of Congress handle taxpayer monies, we’d have been in bankruptcy court decades ago.  It’s absolutely sickening.  And, again, what can I do? 

When the Biden Administration implemented a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and turning the clock back decades on human rights and refused to speak against Iranian public executions, I can only say, “I didn’t vote for him.”

When so-called investigative reporters, such as those who were so readily chomping at the bit to take down Richard Nixon, sit idly by and did nothing to investigate the Steele dossier “linked” to Donald Trump when we have come to now know it was linked, instead, to Hillary Clinton’s presidential committee, you know something “stinks on ice” as my mother used to say.   And I’ll only mention the absolute mess surrounding Hunter Biden. Will we ever learn the truth about him?

And let’s not forget about the political prosecutions going on today, particularly in New York.

Probably the most egregious event which causes me the most grief was the Chinese Communist Party’s negligent (or intentional) release of the Wuhan virus.  The actions of the CCP have gone completely unaddressed by, not only the United States but, the entire world.  Yet, the United States and the world continue to do business with and do nothing to prevent China’s expansion into the Western world. 

I’ve written many times about what I would do “If I Were Empress of the World.”  First, China would by shunned in my world.  Second, it would be forced to pay reparations to the world for the trillions of dollars and millions of lives lost because of its actions.  But, instead of standing up to their disgusting policies regarding abortion, harvesting of body parts, Christians, Uyghers, aggression towards Taiwan and Hong Kong, the United States, and the world, sit back and do absolutely nothing.  

Instead, the CCP is getting into bed with the likes of Putin, brokering deals between countries and investing monies into third-world and developing countries that will, no doubt, end up with those countries being beholden to China. 

It makes me incredibly sad to see our once great Nation become a shriveled up, impotent bystander. 

With regard to the Wuhan virus, the idea that the virus came from a lab was initially censored by some media.  Once it became known that the virus came from a lab and not from bats in their wet markets, there was no doubt in my mind what had happened. 

I could go on and on about the incompetence and misguided decisions made to close down our country, many based on the opinions and actions of the despicable opportunist Anthony Fauci, the vaccinations that were, for all intents and purposes, forced upon us and the resultant stigma put upon those who would not submit to that type of subjugation, the numerous ever-changing directives by the CDC and the ridiculousness of the mask requirement. 

And then there was the requirement to show proof of vaccination to strangers in complete violation of HIPAA laws.  If I didn’t give my doctor permission to release information to my husband, my doctor could not tell my husband if I had been vaccinated, yet, strangers were able to get that information. 

I could go on and on and on about the incompetence of Joe Biden and the current Administration.  How so many people had not realized before the election that this man was somehow impaired, despite his clean bill of health, is a mystery to me.  His continuous gaffes before and after the election are incredible.  Watching him, the leader of my country, being the laughingstock of foreign news agencies, particularly in Australia, breaks my heart. 

So, here’s a guy that actually had to drop out of the 1988 Presidential election race because of plagiarism.  He became Vice President after saying “[Presidential candidate] Barack Obama was “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Then, in 2016, he not only entered the Presidential race for a third time but actually won!  How low this country’s standards have gone in a mere 30 years! 

But, for me, I have even more disdain for his wife, Jill Biden.  I’ve held this opinion of her since the beginning of the 2016 race and way before journalist Rachel Campos-Duffy expressed her opinion (and was widely ridiculed for it).  If my husband had spoken and acted the way Joe Biden did on several occasions before the election, clearly impaired to any reasonable person, I would not have let him out of the house to be ridiculed.  How she has permitted it, I have no clue.  I can surmise, but I’ll keep that opinion to myself. 

But, in the end, what can I do?  Write about these things in a blog? Why bother?  Many of my friends and family members, all very good, decent people, about whom I care a great deal, voted for this man.  How is that possible?  I have no idea but it’s true. 

In the end, while my hope for the future of this country is quite dismal, I have an incredibly positive outlook on my own life.  I have been with my husband, a man who I absolutely adore, and, more importantly, respect, for thirty-five years and a wonderful family that I love.  I’m an insatiably curious animal by nature and spend hours researching and learning new things.  For example, I only became aware of Leonard Cohen a couple of years ago.  I’ve taken online courses about his music, read several books, watched movies about his life and continue to endlessly listen to his music.  In other words, he’s become my new obsession and his songs bring boundless joy to my life. 

My husband and I work out regularly which has enabled us to remain upright and able to travel.  We have taken two world cruises, visited over 70 countries and 7 continents and fulfilled our individual long-standing dreams to visit Egypt and Israel last year.  We are optimistic about our futures, and, God willing, we’ll be together for another decade or two!

I’d like to thank my long-time readers for being a part of this blog.  Although I haven’t written in a while, I have continued a lovely correspondence with a few of you and hope to continue to do so into the future.  It’s been a wonderful experience and I thank each and every one of you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me.

I would also like to thank Justin who helped set this website up years go and to Mike who has been my “webmaster” for many, many years. I could never have done any of this without you.

One of those readers recently sent me a great meme which I’ve tweeked a bit and which pretty much sums up what my life is now all about. 

“Life’s short.  Make sure you (don’t) spend as much time as possible on the internet arguing with strangers about politics.”

Finally, as in each of my posts, I’ll just say:  I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.  Stay well.  Be grateful.  Love one another.  Keep in touch:  thecioc@msn.com