Masks.  Not Halloween masks but these stupid schmatas we’ve been forced to wear over the past year and half when anyone with any knowledge of microbiology or virology knows that if the virus has a diameter of 60 nm to 140 nm [nanometers (billionth of a meter)], it can very easily pass through a mask that has a thread diameter that ranges from 55 µm to 440 µm [micrometers (one millionth of a meter).  Anyone can look at videos from the Wuhan virology lab and see the scientists are wearing bubble suits – not masks.  That tells me something.  I’m looking forward to the day when I can start a mini-bonfire in my backyard and burn each and every one of these ridiculous rags. 

Clichés.  What may have once meant something, now means absolutely nothing except as a response when someone doesn’t have an intellectual argument.  For example, the terms “systemic racism,” “Nazi” and “racist.” If I hear anyone using these terms nowadays, I assume he or she is a mental midget.

Everything about the “cancel culture.”

What’s with the “we?”  I’ve got some news for everyone.  Only a woman can get pregnant; the guy can’t get pregnant.  So couples should stop saying “We’re pregnant!”

Get rid of the “Best Actress” category.  I’m sick of women referring to themselves as “actors.”  If that’s what they want to do, then let’s get rid of the “Best Actress” category in every one of these meaningless award shows and have women compete with men for “Best Actor” awards. 

Government paying for babysitting.  It’s maddening when I hear that grandmothers are being paid by the state to babysit their own grandchildren.  For that matter, it’s maddening whenever I hear that a member of a family is being paid by the state to take care of any relative.  Why the government should pay for anyone’s babysitting costs is beyond me.  

Nancy Pelosi and her constant chewing on camera.

It’s NOT a tax refund.  I hear this all the time on Judge Judy.  (I want to be Judge Judy when I grow up.)  People will talk about their “tax refund.” I’ve got more news for them – you didn’t pay any tax so there’s no way you’re getting a tax refund.  You’re getting welfare from the government in the form of tax credits! 

Cure cancer and then I’ll think you’re special.  Celebrities and sports figures who feel the need to come out and tell us all about their sexuality.  Recently, Demi Lovato now identifies as “non-binary” whatever that’s supposed to mean and Anna Paquin now decided that’s she’s bisexual.  NY Gov. Cuomo’s daughter is “demisexual.” Everyone wants to feel special and celebrities seem to crave that the most.  “Look at me!” “Look at me!” My reply to them, “Do something really important to help mankind;  until then, I don’t care who you sleep with.” 

Not a day goes by when I don’t see another report of a has-been over-the-hill female celebrity posting a bikini-clad photo of themselves in an attempt to stay relevant these days.  I’m guessing a lot of young people today don’t even know who these women are! 

Anything “woke.”

I identify as a brain surgeon.  So some guy identifies as a woman and thinks it’s ok to expose his man parts to children in a gym.  If you still have your man parts, you’re a guy dressed in women’s clothing.  I identify as a brain surgeon yet Swedish Medical won’t give me surgical credentials.  I wonder why? 

Bastardizing language. 

1.        The current fad of using goofy pronouns to refer to oneself.  For example, Courtney Stodden referring to herself as “they.” Every rule of English grammar goes out the window when someone says, “The news comes just over a year after Courtney was declared legally single following their (instead of “her”) divorce from ex-husband Doug Hutchinson, whom they (instead of “she”) married in 2011 when they (again, instead of “she”) were just 16.”  Again, we have some pathetic so-called celebrity screaming, “Look at me!” All I can do is paraphrase Dana Carvey’s Church Lady:  “Isn’t she special?”

2.        I’ve spent the last two years trying to learn Spanish which, unlike English, classifies every noun as either feminine or masculine and, accordingly, requires the use of the proper article.  I’ve thought about how the woke people were going to try and destroy the basics of the Spanish language.  Just last month, Joe Biden used the word “Latinx” so as not to use the words “Latina” and “Latino.”  I’ve spent far too much time and energy trying to speak proper Spanish, and I will NOT be incorporating any of this insanity into my studies. 

3.        The use of shortened words to express something, which I see a lot of in texts.  “R” instead of “are.”  “N” instead of “and.”  “UR” instead of “you’re.” By the way, too many people don’t know the difference between your and you’re and its and it’s.  Don’t ever expect any of this from me. 

Chucky Schumer and his ridiculous-looking glasses.

Why do I have to see this?  First of all, I don’t get tattoos (with the exception of military personnel), piercings, ear gauges – none of it.  But my pet peeve is when someone has a tattoo on the back of their neck, arms or legs which they don’t actually see but I have to see it. 

Everything “politically correct.”

Celebrities and Sports Figures.  The self-important people who love to complain about this country but enjoy the opportunities and seven figure paychecks they earn because they live in America.  People like Colin Kaepernick and most recently Olympic participant Gwen Berry come to mind.  In my world, Miss Berry would not be going to the Olympics after her despicable display at the tryouts and I would suggest that she emigrate to a country like Iran, China or North Korea and pull her political stunts in those countries and see where she ends up.  Easy to complain when you enjoy the freedoms only this country offers. 

            I have another question for these ungrateful malcontents:  “If America is so awful and filled with racists, why then is our southern border flooded with people trying to get in here? 

Woman and wraparound skirts.  Decades ago, there was a style of skirt that was called a “wraparound.” My pet peeve was when a woman held the material closed while walking across the street in order to prevent it from blowing open.  This made no sense since the only conceivable purpose for wearing a wraparound shirt was, indeed, to show a little leg when the wind blew the split material open.  I will go to my grave not understanding women. (The style has reappeared as a wrap since the 60s or 70s and women may be more comfortable today than they were.)

Cackling Kamala.

Apologies.  Celebrities love to apologize after someone tells them they’ve screwed up.  Most recent case in point:  John Cena, while promoting his latest film, referred to Taiwan as a country.  Instead of saying what I would’ve said, “Oops, I think I should I should go back to geography class,” he went on to pathetically grovel, “I made one mistake, I must say right now, very important, I love and respect Chinese people, I am very sorry for my mistake. I am so sorry, I apologize.” Really, was that necessary? 

Hypocrites.  CNN talking head Don Lemon loves to spout about racism and white privilege while he lives in Sag Harbor, Long Island, NY, a community comprised of 85.6% whites.  Another one of these hypocrites is Congressman Sheldon Whitehouse who likes to talk about systemic racism while belonging to an all-white Rhode Island beach club.  I didn’t even know these types of clubs still exist.

Why is “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese Communist Party virus” racist?   It’s where the virus originated.  What’s the problem? 

I’m proud of my Brooklyn accent.  I left New York almost fifty years ago and I still have my Brooklyn accent.  It is who I am and I’m proud of it.  I’ve never tried to get rid of it.  I don’t put it on when I’m in Brooklyn and I don’t try to hide it when I’m not in NY.  One of my pet peeves is Oprah Winfrey.  Personally, I’ve never understood her draw but there are a lot of people who like her.  I get it.  I’m just not one of them.   What bothers me most about her is her changing accent depending upon her audience.  I’ve heard her sound very differently when she’s in front of a black audience and when she’s in front of a white audience.  I don’t like phonies. 

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