Yes, many things have changed since I was born in 1951.  Some changes are good.  Some changes are definitely not so good.  Others, well, are just interesting. 

Back in the ‘50s, my husband’s parents couldn’t buy a house in Monterey Park, a neighborhood east of downtown Los Angeles.  His father was Native American and his mother was born in the United States and was of Mexican ancestry.  Based upon redlining at the time, the discriminatory actions by a potential seller, real estate agent and/or financial institution were sanctioned by the local government. Fortunately, those type of practices are no longer in place. Interesting is that in the 1970s, my husband actually bought his own first house in Monterey Park. 

Unfortunately, just about everything is viewed through the prism of politics today.  Even wearing a mask has become political.  My father, and probably most of our neighbors and friends, were Democrats.  Today, they would be Republicans.  Today’s Democrat Party has been hijacked by the Progressives who want open borders, amnesty for all illegal aliens, unfettered abortion, higher corporate taxes, free education for everyone, guaranteed incomes, etc., in order to expand their base.  In the ‘60s, my father, a blue-collar baker, a widower with two children (not a “single father”) paid the woman who took care of me after my mother died.  The government didn’t dole out food stamps, child care or housing assistance.  He worked hard, supported us and saved a few dollars.  He retired at the age of 65 and collected Social Security for eleven months and then died.   

What I do find amusing is that many people who call themselves “liberal” or “progressive” actually live extremely “conservative” lifestyles.  They work, they’re married, their children are all married, and they receive no government benefits until they collect their Social Security.  It’s funny how people don’t want to identify as “conservative” which has become a buzz word for racist, homophobe, xenophobe, transphobe, and any other kind of “phobe” you can come up with – and, by the way, all of which I’m happy to be called because seventy years ago we lived by a simple creed, unlike the young people of today, “stick and stones can break my bones….”  

When I was growing up, certain things were right or wrong.  Things were, indeed, black and white.  Truth was objective. Not so much today.  We’ve moved towards moral relativism.  How many times do we hear today, “my truth” or “your truth.” There’s no such thing. Truth is truth. Where right and wrong were objective ideas, morality is becoming more subjective probably because we’re becoming a more secular society.  Apparently, younger people place far less emphasis on spirituality/religion/God than us older folks.  Right and wrong varies from person to person.  I remember when Joe Biden had to drop out of the 1988 Presidential race because he was accused of plagiarism, something which obviously was morally wrong.  In 2020, plagiarism isn’t a big deal anymore — Joe Biden became President. 

We’re also experiencing today the breakdown of the social contract, necessary in any civilized society.  When I see so-called protests in New York, Seattle and Portland, with no restraint by local government, we have anarchy.  When we’re now told looting is peaceful protest, I know we’re in trouble.  A day doesn’t go by without reading about another horrific crime against an innocent person walking down the street.  Witnesses stand by and watch or video the assault rather than call 911.  Common courtesy no longer exists. People don’t even hold doors open for each other.  Road rage is commonplace.  Language is used in public that never would’ve been used years ago.  Public behavior that was once scorned by everyone is acceptable.   

I did see a change, twenty years ago, if only momentarily, after 9/11 when people were actually civil to one another but, unfortunately, that sense of community lasted about 72 hours.  Generally speaking, manners and citizenship apparently are no longer taught in the home or at school.  I do know many people who attend Church regularly, live good and decent lives, take care of their families, volunteer their time, help their neighbors and are generous, but, I’m afraid self-centeredness is becoming the norm. I truly hope I’m wrong.  

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