Way before Donald Trump became President, I had a dislike and mistrust of the press.  A boss of mine, back when I was a legal secretary, who was one of dozens attorneys involved in the Getty estate, told me, “Never talk to the press.  They’ll always get it wrong.”  Solid advice.

Years later, when my husband and I married in Las Vegas at Graceland Chapel and included an Elvis impersonator to provide the music, the local newspaper called us before the wedding and said they were interested in the Elvis-themed wedding.  I had two requirements before I said “okay.”  One, the reporters could not appear in my video and, two, they were not allowed to talk to me.  They agreed.  Needless to say, the reporters appeared in my video and, despite the fact I never talked to either one of them, they quoted me in their front-page article.

My old boss was absolutely right.  The media can’t be trusted.  If the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC told me this month is September, I would still look on my calendar.

Fast forward to 2016 – if the press and polls were right, Hillary Clinton would be President.

The headlines are now dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  For the time being, the press has gotten off the Russian conspiracy nonsense, how much ice cream Donald Trump eats, if and when the Trumps hold hands, and they’ve moved on to the “empathy” issue.

I can’t even believe this.  First of all, exactly what magical powers do journalists have to see into the heart and mind of the President to determine what he’s feeling?  To say the President has no empathy is just plain stupid.

More importantly, if I’m in a crises, I don’t look to the government for “empathy.”  I look to my family and friends for empathy.  I want a President to do whatever is necessary to get the job done – whatever it is.

If I’m having surgery, I couldn’t care less about my surgeon’s bedside manner.  I want the best surgeon to do the best job to make me get well.  If I want hugs and feel good moments, I look to my family and friends.  My doctor isn’t there to hold my hand.  My husband is.

But the press doesn’t see it like I do.  They’re going on and on and on about his lack of “empathy” because, aside from the caps President and Mrs. Trump were wearing, they apparently can’t find anything else about which to complain.  I clearly remember when President Obama responded to any one of the horrific ISIS attacks and showed absolutely no emotion.  Whether he had empathy, I have no idea; he certainly never showed it and I often referred to him as a “flatliner.”  Yet, the press never hammered him once.

And let me talk for a moment about Lynn Yaeger, clearly a runaway from Barnum & Bailey’s clown school and contributor for Vogue.  First of all, why would anyone, and I mean anyone, take fashion advice from this woman?  But I digress.

She went on to condemn Melania Trump’s stiletto heels worn before she got on Air Force One to fly to Texas.  Is this woman kidding?  (I wish I could wear stiletto heels and look that good at this point in my life.)  If Mrs. Trump is comfortable in heels, then she should wear heels. Why should anyone care?  When she alighted from Air Force One, Mrs. Trump was wearing Adidas Stan Smith sneakers available on Amazon for under $50.  But the question remains.  Why is this even an issue?  I don’t recall Ms. Yaeger or other members of the mainstream media blasting Michelle Obama for wearing the $540 Lanvin sneakers she wore while serving food at a food bank.

If the media’s dishonesty wasn’t so dangerous to a free society, it would be laughable.  The mainstream media hates President Trump yet makes tons of money at his expense.  Stephen Colbert, for example, has risen to first place in the late-night arena because of his endless attacks on Donald Trump as has the home of everything “hate Trump,” MSNBC.  I’s quite disgusting for people and entities to profit when their sole purpose is to destroy the President of the United States.  They care nothing for the millions of people who voted for this President. They care nothing for this country.  They only care about seeing him fail.  As a result, they’re not seeking or reporting the truth about anything – exactly what journalism is supposed to do.  They’re just a bunch of hacks.

So, no matter the crises, no matter the controversy, we will continue to see story after story about how evil President Trump is.  After Mrs. Trump’s mortal sin (wearing stiletto heels from the White House to Air Force One), I wonder what will be next.

Will we be hearing about how many rolls of toilet paper the Trumps are using at the White House, causing the rainforest to be depleted at a faster rate?  Will we hear from other environmental groups about the sacrilege being committed by the children of the Trumps for using disposable vs. cloth diapers?  I’m surprised we haven’t heard someone defy logic and conclude the reason Mrs. Trump so often wears white is her secret membership in the Ku Klux Klan.  I’m stunned that we haven’t heard an outcry from the media questioning why the Trumps are allowed to use limousines instead of more environmentally friendly modes of transportation like bicycles.  Sounds ridiculous, right?  Just wait.

If Mr. Trump cured cancer tomorrow, the media would attack him for not doing it sooner.  No matter what he does, he will never win.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.