I stole this title from Ken Hamblin’s very fine book because I couldn’t come up with a better title that would fit this post.

I thought of calling it “I’m Sick And Tired Of A Bunch Of Overpaid Millionaire Testosterone-Driven Malcontents Who Wear A Uniform And Throw Around A Football For A Living Showing Disrespect To Our Country And Especially To Our Military Who Also Don A Uniform For A Helluva Lot Less Money And Who Carry Weapons So That These Over-Privileged Cry-Babies Can Exercise Their Free Speech Rights,” but I think it would be too long.

I’m hoping you get my point.  If what we’re seeing today in the NFL wasn’t so disgusting and a reflection of a lack of, not only, respect but knowledge of our National Anthem, it would be laughable.  Multi-millionaires crying, “Oh, poor me – look how awful this country is that lets me make millions of dollars because I can run fast or catch a ball.”  How incredibly pathetic.

I’d like to know what exactly each and every one of these ungrateful twits did before Colin Kaepernick started all this for their communities, families, local schools and students.  Did they have foundations?  Did they mentor?  Did they do anything before their protests?

I defy any one of these players to pick a better country – a country where they’re paid millions of dollars to throw around a football AND have the right to insult the greatest military in the world.  The same military men and women who risk their lives every day, away from their families, in every corner of the world, to protect these same losers’ right to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem.

As a good friend of mine recently wrote on Facebook and I couldn’t have said it better:  “Anyone who takes a knee and disrespects the American Flag and this country will get no respect from me. The only time you should take a knee is if you are praying to God or getting your head chopped off by a radical ISIS scumbag.”

I doubt any one of these protesters knows anything about our National Anthem.  That’s what’s so pitiful about their so-called protest against this “oppressive” country.  It’s so easy to be self-righteous when you have nothing to lose.  Try going to some other countries and showing such disrespect and see what happens.

Does any one of them know what this country has done for freedom and the liberation of millions of people over the centuries?  I’d challenge any one of these punks to put on a military uniform and stand in the shoes of a serviceman or woman for one football season and they’d be crying to come home.

The ludicrous nature of their protest reminds me of dialogue between Columbo and the murderer in Try and Catch Me:

Lt. Columbo:  “I can remember the only new car my father ever bought… “

Abigail Mitchell:  “My father never owned a car.  Not until I bought him one.  I was 20; I’d just sold my first book.  Shall we compare poverty stories, Lieutenant?”

Lt. Columbo:  “Not in a Rolls Royce, ma’am.”

They believe this country is so awful and yet they, themselves, enjoy fat bank accounts for doing, in my opinion, absolutely nothing that affects anyone’s lives versus our military who keeps us safe day after day.

What’s even more disturbing is that the NFL leadership doesn’t say to the players, “Fine, if you want to protest, do it on your time – not on the field.”  The only thing that will change the NFL’s position is if it starts losing really big bucks.

And, while I’m talking about the NFL’s coffers, I only became aware this week that the federal taxpayer actually subsidizes the NFL $1 billion – that’s “B” for billion – every year.  I was stunned.  Under which Article of the Constitution is the NFL entitled to any federal money?

And how exactly did this disrespect for our military, our flag, our Nation develop and become ok and acceptable?  On September 12, 2001, Wal-Mart sold 88,000 flags, compared to only 6,400 that same day a year earlier.  Sixteen years later, a Chicago library “exhibit” allowed teachers to desecrate the American flag.

I’ve been to over 60 countries and I’ve yet to find a country comparable to the United States on any level.  Why is it that countless number of people, each year, try to come to this country if it’s so oppressive?  Where are the lines of people leaving America?  Lots of so-called celebrities whine that they’ll leave if so and so gets elected, but they never do, do they?

One of the reasons I love watching “America’s Got Talent” is the attitude of so many non-American people who appear on the show and who have such hope of winning on America’s stage and gratitude for this country.  A perfect example was this year’s semi-finalist, “Light Balance,” from Ukraine who, each week, thanked America for the opportunity to bring their families “out of the darkness” and provide them with a much better life in America.

I’m guessing these ungrateful NFL players don’t watch AGT;  they have no clue how good they have it.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.



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