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Bernard Goldberg, who publishes my articles on his website, bernardgoldberg.com, wrote one this week entitled “Selling Out Their Principles — For Donald Trump.”  It’s a provocative analysis which prompted me to respond.

Yes, I leave my principles home every time I vote.  Why?   It has nothing to do with my support of Donald Trump for President this year, but there hasn’t been one politician, at any time, that thinks exactly the way I do.

I’ve thought about this a lot lately, especially when we had 17 Republican hopefuls vying for the White House.  Not one of them was a “perfect” candidate.  But every one of them would be a better President than Hillary Clinton.

I kid my husband that if I ever ran for President I’d have one and maybe two votes – and that’s only if I could convince him to vote for me.

I’m a 65 year old, married, white, Christian woman, with a law degree, and, before retirement, licensed to practice in two states.  I’m not a white male without a college education, and, yet, I still support Trump.  His manner doesn’t offend me.  I think he is a great businessman.  He’s created jobs.  He’s created wealth.  He’s not a career politician, like Hillary Clinton, who has sucked off the government teat her entire working life.  I especially like that Trump is politically incorrect and says what’s on his mind, and what, I believe, a lot of other people are thinking.  And yes, I, too, have gotten into trouble over the years because of saying what’s on my mind.

As I said before, I’ve never heard of one politician who agrees with my positions 100%.

I believe all abortions should be banned.  Period.  I don’t know any politician who takes that position.

I don’t believe in a minimum wage.  Companies should determine the amount they pay their employees.  I think the minimum wage was created for entry-level jobs and allowed for the expectation of advancement.  I think it worked well for high school students who had to learn the responsibility of getting and keeping a job through the summer.  A lot of the people I see behind cash registers taking orders or checking out my purchases should not even be paid minimum wage.  Simple math seems to be a burdensome challenge for some.

I never understood why some think, for example, $15 should be the minimum wage.  Who and what determines that figure?  Why not $25 per hour?  $50 per hour?  When does it stop?

If you’re 40 years old and still making a minimum wage, then you must have minimum skills.  It was never intended to support a family and if that’s what someone is trying to do, then the problem is on them for not getting a better education and improving and increasing their skills.  I doubt you’re going to hear that coming out of a politician’s mouth.

I think all tax credits should be eliminated.  I am sick and tired of hearing people talk about their “tax refunds” when, in reality, they’re getting government welfare in the form of “tax credits.”  No politician ever proposes getting rid of tax credits.

I believe in a very small federal government whose main job is the defense of our country.  Right now, it seems like the federal government is doing just about everything else except defending us.  I think our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves because the President thinks he knows best where I should pee.  Sometimes I think I’m trapped in a Twilight Zone episode and can’t get out.

I think every American should pay federal income tax even if it’s only one percent so they have a stake in the United States.  Trump’s official position is that single wage earners making less than $25K and married and jointly earn less than $50K will not pay any income taxes.  I don’t agree with that but I’m still supporting Trump.

Most importantly, I’m most concerned about the Supreme Court and what a Clinton administration would do to it and our country.  Trump has gone on record with his list of potential candidates for the Supreme Court and he’s, apparently, working with the Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society, both conservative organizations, to select the next Supreme Court justices.  I’m fine with that.

Trump’s stance that we have to stop illegal immigration sits well with me.  I have no problem with building a secure wall on our southern border, no matter who pays for it.  We should’ve done this long ago. (Mexico has a secure border on its southern border so why shouldn’t we?)  I don’t believe anyone should benefit from breaking our laws.  I don’t believe anyone should be allowed into this country without proper vetting.  That doesn’t sound radical to me at all.  How can you protect the citizenry of this country when people, without proper documentation, are allowed in?  That makes no sense to me at all.

So, yes, I do leave my principles home every time I vote. But I bring with me hope. There’s no “perfect” candidate for me – except me.  So what’s my alternative?  Stay home?  Never.  All I know is that in 2016, Donald Trump and I may share a few similar views, so he gets my vote.  Yes, he may be an unknown, and, yes, he’s not always precise in his positions.  But over the last few decades, I’ve come to know just about everything I need to know about Hillary and there is absolutely no circumstance under which I would ever vote for “that woman.”



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