As happy I will be to watch Donald J. Trump be sworn in as our 45th President, that happiness will be overshadowed by the absolute ecstasy I will feel knowing that Obama and his crew are out of our White House.  Good riddance and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

This week, as we celebrate Memorial Day, all I can think of is our “Commander in Chief” bad mouthing my country in foreign lands.  As if his 2009 Apology Tour wasn’t bad enough, he now had to go to Japan and apologize for America dropping the bomb on the country that started our involvement in WWII in the first place.

Instead of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day (something his cohorts said he had to do instead of playing golf), and reading, of course, from a teleprompter a speech he probably didn’t write, he should’ve gone to Pearl Harbor this year and recognized the sacrifice the men of the USS Arizona made and all those who died in WWII following the Japanese, yes, I said it, the Japanese attack on the United States.

I’m sick and tired of him unilaterally imposing his will on the American people because he’s either too stupid or too lazy to deal with Congress.

I’m sick and tired of Obamacare and all the lies he told in order to get this abominable bill passed.  (Thank you, Mr. Obama for that 20% increase in my premium and the maternity and newborn care I neither need nor want.)

I’m sick and tired of his spending that will soon put our national debt over $20,000,000,000,000.00 – that’s 20 trillion dollars.

I’m sick and tired of seeing nothing done about, and no one being held accountable for, Benghazi and the lies he and his cronies (including Hillary) put out there to con the American people into re-electing him in 2012 and believing the attack that killed our Ambassador and three others was the result of a “video.”

I’m sick and tired of his impotence to destroy ISIS and, instead, his belief that climate change is our most pressing danger.

I’m sick and tired of him drawing lines in the sand and failing to follow through in any meaningful way.

I’m sick and tired of his willingness to place blame on, and his obvious disdain for, our police before hearing all the facts.

I’m sick and tired of him and John Kerry attempting to sell us the benefits of the Iran treaty when, in reality, it was all a con job to dupe journalists into thinking and reporting it was a great deal.

I’m sick and tired of his support of the slaughter of millions of babies every year under the guise of being “pro-choice” even in late term abortions, and his continued support of Planned Parenthood even though it has violated federal law.

I’m sick and tired of him pandering to the likes of the Castro brothers in Cuba only to have Fidel blast his visit even before Air Force One could land on American soil.

I’m sick and tired of him blackmailing states into doing what he wants, e.g., “transgender bathrooms in schools,” by threatening to withhold federal funds if the states don’t comply with his edict, when he doesn’t impose those same threats on sanctuary cities who fail to comply with federal immigration law or on Planned Parenthood despite its violation of federal law.

And people think Donald Trump is not Presidential.  Is this photo of Obama “Presidential” or just the behavior of a doofus:

obama peace sign

Or how about this “Presidential” behavior at Nelson Mandela’s memorial (Michelle certainly doesn’t look all that thrilled either):

obama81with hottie

Obama is an embarrassment and Jimmy Carter is looking pretty good right now.

I’ve had my countdown clock set on my computer since January 20, 2013.  I had to reset it because I never dreamed that this incompetent could be re-elected in 2012 but I was wrong.  Unless King Obama changes the law unilaterally and gives himself a third term as President, he’s outta here in seven months, twenty days, eleven hours…….



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