double-standard-definitionThere’s a lot about the left in this country I just don’t get. One of the things the left insists upon, which I really don’t get, is the obsession with “political correctness.” You’re not allowed to say anything if it will offend, or potentially offend, any other human being.

You can’t fly a flag on your condo balcony because it may be offensive to someone. (My position: you don’t like the American flag, leave the country and go somewhere that has a flag you like.) You can’t wear a sombrero on Halloween because it may be offensive to a Mexican (even though our local Mexican restaurant takes a photo of you wearing one on your birthday). You can’t have an “American Day” at school to express your patriotism because it may be offensive to another student.   If you believe marriage is between a man and a woman, you hate gay people. If you think women should buy their own birth control devices, you’re sexist. If you’re opposed to Obamacare, you want people to die. If you think the US government should enforce immigration laws and stop funding sanctuary cities, you’re a bigot. If you think “all lives matter,” you’re a racist.

By the way, the phrase “politically correct” is now politically incorrect. Using the words “lame,” “crazy,” “man up,” and “thug” are not to be used. It’s now racist to use the term “calling a spade a spade.” Things have gotten absolutely insane and it’s probably insensitive of me to even use the word “insane” because it might offend someone with a mental disorder.

I’ve been seeing a new buzzword lately — “self-identify.” If you self-identify has a “woman” even though you’ve got all your man parts, I have to use pronouns “she” and “her” when speaking to or about you. If you self-identify as “black” even though your entire lineage is white, that’s ok. If you’re a woman yet self-identify as a “man,” take hormones and grow a beard and have a baby, you’re a pregnant man. If you’re a teenager and self-identify as a “female,” you’re entitled to use the women’s bathroom and locker room– even if it makes every other female uncomfortable. That’s the way America is now. Again, it’s absolutely insane.

I don’t lean left on any issue so I don’t consider myself “politically correct” or “politically incorrect.”   However, our fearless leader in the White House and the three Democratic hopefuls consider themselves far better people because they’re so much more sensitive than the likes of someone like me.

They all seem to believe that calling terrorists “radical Islamic terrorists” is politically incorrect because including the word “Islam” somehow may offend Muslims who are not terrorists. They walk on eggshells when they discuss this subject and I actually watched Saturday’s Democratic debates listening to Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley try to explain their refusal to use such terms. On the one hand, it was quite funny (it could’ve been a SNL skit); on the other hand, it was pathetic because how do any of them expect to be the Commander-in-Chief without identifying the enemy?

The barbarians that terrorized Paris on Friday night self-identify as “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (“ISIS”) or “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (“ISIL” as the empty suit in the White House likes to refer to them). When they’re about to blow themselves up or kill innocent people they utter the words “Allahu Akbar” – an Islamic phrase meaning “God is greater.” It isn’t a Catholic, Buddhist, Hebrew, Hindu or Shinto phrase – it’s an Islamic phrase.

My question is this: If I’m required to call someone a “woman” because that person self-identifies as a “woman” or risk being called insensitive or worse, then why aren’t we required to call radical Islamic terrorists “radical Islamic terrorists” when ISIS self-identifies as “Islamic”?

Bottom line: Why doesn’t Obama, as well as the three Presidential hopefuls, include the word “Islamic” when referring to these savages who self-identify as Islamic? Isn’t that the “politically correct” thing to do?

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.

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