I was horrified and perplexed when I saw the video of James Taylor singing “You’ve Got a Friend” recently. Instead of sending a high-ranking official to the Paris March earlier this month condemning the Islamist jihadists’ attack on and murder of employees at Charlie Hebdo, John Kerry schleps aging James Taylor over to Paris to sing his insipid 70s song to show our strength and solidarity with France against this type of terrorism.

The Islamic extremists must have taken a brief moment from their reign of terror that day because they were too busy laughing at us. This is the kind of song I would expect Patrick to sing to SpongeBob when he gets a boo boo.

I can’t even begin to understand what the Obama administration is doing when they send an over-the-hill off-key feeble-looking sexagenarian to sing shlager music as a tribute to the murdered people who were brave enough to exercise their right under freedom of the press in France.

If, and that’s a very big “if”, the administration wanted to send a musical message, then why would it choose this aging hippie? Why not send some virile looking country singer like Trace Adkins for example.

Well, if Obama wants to play nice with these barbarians in the “War- Against-Those-Whom-This-Administration-Refuses-to-Identify-by-Name-Even-Though-They-Scream-‘Allahu Akbar’-Whenever-They-Commit-Their-Heinous-Acts,” I have a few suggestions that may bring an end to it all.

photo Rodney King buttonWe can send all our allies and enemies buttons that read “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” I’m sure this will put an end to the slaughter of innocent men, women and children all around the world.

Or we can time travel back to Woodstock 1969. Instead of flying helicopters and dropping flowers to the masses below (I was there – I know of what I speak), drones should drop pages from Robert Fulghum’s book “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” and the jihadists can learn to share everything, play fair, don’t hit people and say they’re sorry when they behead somebody.

Or we can send the terrorists bumper stickers they can put on their camels and goats that read “COEXIST.” Let’s ignore the fact that PHOTO COEXISTIran has no intention of coexisting with Israel or that the jihadists – probably the most intolerant human beings on earth — would want nothing more than to establish a world-wide Caliphate, have Sharia law imposed on every American infidel and subject each and every one of us if we don’t cower and praise the name of Allah to dhimmitude.

Or if the COEXIST doesn’t work we can always send stickers that say “Peace through Music,” “Teach Peace,” or “Books not Bombs!” A few years back, someone suggested in my local newspaper that we send books to the terrorists so they don’t hate us so much.

In that case, we all can send our library cards to the hostages currently held by these savages so that right before their murder they can quickly flick the library cards at their killers and cut through their carotid arteries so they’ll bleed to death before they behead those innocents. Sounds like a plan to me.

Or the Obama administration can appoint Miss USA Nia Sanchez as Secretary of State to spread her message of hope, love and peace to the terrorists.

All this reminds me of a letter I cut out of my local newspaper back in 2004 when Ralph Nader was running for President.  In the letter, the author gave 12 reasons to cast a winning vote for Mr. Nader, two of which were “his solutions to world problems don’t involve military action” and “he reads books and thinks about them.”  Wow!

I’m sure if we all just think good thoughts or attach bumper stickers to our cars, all the evil in the world will disappear and those who are hell bent on killing us will, instead, join hands with us and sing Kumbaya.”  Maybe James Taylor can lead us with the song.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.

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