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I love living in the Pacific Northwest, but I have to say that nearby Seattle is a really screwy place.  I’m very happy not to live in King County.

In 2011, the city approved the “Leaves of Remembrance project” which allowed for bronze leaves to be installed on the sidewalks with the names of homeless people who died on the streets.  This project cost about $280,000, $75,000 of which was paid by the taxpayers.

Seattle Police Officer Michael Severance has tried to get approval for a memorial that would honor Seattle police officers and firefighters who died in the line of duty.  His project, which would honor 81 brave men and women, would cost approximately $40,500 and would be covered by private donations.

So why does Seattle approve a project to “honor” the homeless while it won’t approve a project to honor our fallen heroes?  Hell if I know.

According to Council member, Sally Clark, who says she supports the Historical Sign Project proposed by Officer Severance, but also says he needs to get more documented support from community groups and still needs to clear the hurdle of getting approval from the Design Review Commission.

Putting aside the approval from the DRC, why does Officer Severance have to get “more documented support from community groups”?  His project would honor the men and women who took an oath to protect all the citizens of Seattle and, as a result, gave their lives doing just that.  Fallen police officers and firefights are not special interest groups who should need support from a particular community group.  The City Council, representing the citizenry of Seattle, should approve the project itself.  Police and firefighters are on the streets of Seattle protecting all of us and should not be considered a group of people who actually need community advocates to fight for them like the homeless.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that getting approval for a project proposed by Officer Severance should take even more than five minutes during a City Council meeting.  And here he is going through all the bureaucratic red tape for something so simple that could be approved by the City.

When I read comments like “police memorial? LOL they kill are hurt more people than they help” (re-posted here verbatim) from some anonymous jerk who calls himself or herself “DR710” and who doesn’t have the guts to use his or her own name or location, I just have to shake my head.  Really??? Police “kill [and] hurt more people than they help”?  What planet does this idiot live on?

As another commenter stated, Seattle can’t figure out how to get the homeless off the streets, but has $75,000 for a memorial.  Once again, as with so many liberal ideas, form over substance.  Plant a few bronze leaves in the sidewalk and we’ll feel oh so good about ourselves while the real problem doesn’t go away.  Typical.

Officer Severance doesn’t get and I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.






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