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Three teenagers are facing charges of sexual battery, dissemination of child pornography and possession of child pornography in connection with their assault on 15-year old, Audrie Potts.

First of all, I hate that the media refers to these savages as “16-year old boys.”  When you turn 13, you’re a teenager; you’re no longer a “boy.”

But, whether they’re ever going to be referred to as “sociopaths” as I have, I won’t hold my breath.  Let me tell you why I think they’re sociopaths “whose behavior is antisocial and who lack a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

After drinking too much and passing out at a house party last Labor Day weekend, Audrie, a Saratoga High School sophomore awoke, looked down and realized she had been sexually assaulted;  she saw crude messages scribbled on her body and her shorts had been pulled down.  The humiliation continued when she learned a cell phone photo of her circulated around campus.  A week later, she committed suicide by hanging herself.

Now there are civil lawsuits which allege these three “digitally penetrated her, and/or penetrated her with a foreign object, and/or sexually abused her”; questions have arisen why these guys weren’t expelled from school (but were removed from the football team); criminal proceedings are pending raising the question whether the perpetrators should be tried as juveniles or adults, etc., etc.

These three guys were Audrie’s friends; they went to the same school; they all knew one another.  I haven’t read anything that said they were abusing drugs or alcohol and didn’t know what they were doing.

I would’ve been horrified if this story involved strangers.  But the fact that the assailants were Audrie’s friends makes it completely incomprehensible to me.  One comment I read was from a guy who said he graduated in 1983 and when he and his buddies got drunk the worst thing they did was shave off each other’s eyebrows or painted their fingernails.  According to him, they watched out for one another.

Apparently, not anymore.  Where were her girlfriends?  Did anyone know where she was?  Who she came with?  Wasn’t anyone concerned when they didn’t see her at the party?  Did anyone try and stop these savages?  Are their parents proud of them?  What about their sisters/brothers, aunts/uncles, etc.?

What kind of mutant would do this to a friend, then take pictures of the assault, and then circulate the photos around school?

And, by the way, if these barbarians were brave enough to write their names on Audrie’s body, I don’t know why their identities can’t be released to the public so their neighbors are made aware of who’s living next door to them.

If I were Empress of the World, these guys would be tried in adult court; if they were convicted, I’d sentence them to hard labor for decades.  Anyone who starts off in life at 16-years of age and behaves like this, fails to take moral responsibility for his actions, expresses no remorse, and lacks any sense of social consciousness, is hopeless and should not be allowed the freedom of roaming the street.  Yet, in California, they’ve been released and placed on home arrest pending disposition of their case.

If you think I’m being too harsh on these brutal creatures who have yet to be convicted, please let me know if you wouldn’t mind having them living next door to you or dating your daughter.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.



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