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Ariel Knights, 22-year old unwed mother of a pre-schooler, found herself pregnant again, even though she learned during her first pregnancy she had uterine didelphys.  The genetic condition results in a double uterus with individual cervices. After being told the second pregnancy could put her life at risk, she went to a clinic to have an abortion, but, after a week, she was in an E.R. and learned she was still pregnant.  She went to yet another abortion clinic and was told they wouldn’t treat her for “somebody else’s mistake.”  Seven months later, she gave birth to a healthy 6-pound baby girl.  She’s now suing the first abortion clinic for not killing that same healthy baby girl.

This story got my head spinning with the many issues it presented.

Miss Knights knew she had this genetic condition.  She carried her son in her left uterus without any complications, and I’d be surprised if her doctor at the time didn’t warn her that another baby, if carried in her right uterus, would be cause for alarm.  Yet, she went ahead and got pregnant again.

She says she has a “fiancé’” and my response is always, “show me the ring.”  And why didn’t they get married during the second pregnancy (the report doesn’t indicate if the “fiancé’” is the father of the boy or the girl) or after the daughter’s birth?  If she was so concerned for her health and future pregnancies, why didn’t she have her tubes tied when her son was born or using more than one means of birth control?  Was she even using one form of birth control?

If this lawsuit goes anywhere and if she receives any settlement whatsoever, I hope she puts this money away for the therapy her daughter is going to need when she finds out her mother sued an abortion clinic for not killing her.  How do you tell your daughter that your intention was to kill her?  How do you explain it when her daughter eventually finds out?  Miss Knights now says she’s blessed with a beautiful child and considers her a “miracle baby,” so why the lawsuit?

I’m hoping when the child is old enough she’ll find a creative lawyer who’ll file an attempted murder charge against her mother.  My advice:  I’d tell her to forget about Mother’s Day.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.

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