Right after President Obama was sworn in as President of the United States, I installed a countdown clock on my computer and have, for the past 3+ years, watched year by year go by, month by month, day by day, counting down to just eleven more hours to Election Day 2012!

I’m praying I don’t have to start another countdown clock to January 20, 2017 on Wednesday morning.

It still amazes me to read that there are folks who are still undecided.  I really don’t recall a more clear cut election than what we’re facing tomorrow.

It’s a choice between a President, with no previous governing experience, whose policies reflect his belief that government is the answer to everyone’s problems; a President who believes in big spending, entitlements and dependency on the government; a President who promised to cut the deficit in half; a President who said he’d get the unemployment problem under control; a President who thought President Bush’s spending was out-of-control ($4 trillion in 8 years) yet increased our debt by $5 trillion in just 4 years; a President who believes income redistribution will solve the problems of the country; and a President who believes in punishing the successful;


a man who was Governor of Massachusetts and a successful businessman who believes in the individual; a man who believes that it is the role of the private sector to create jobs and not the government’s role; a man who believes that we can’t tax our way out of the financial mess we’re in; a man who believes we need to cut spending; and a man who will decide whether a program is worth keeping if it means borrowing more money from China.

As President Reagan said, government is not the solution; government is the problem.  The choices could not be any clearer in tomorrow’s election.