A while ago, I wrote an article “Stories that Put a Smile on my Face”  It was an article about Amanda Clayton who won a $1 million lottery and still continued to collect welfare from the state.  The reason it put a smile on my face was because she was caught and forced to pay back $5400 in state benefits she received.

If you remember, this was the gal who didn’t think she had to stop receiving food stamps, etc. because she didn’t have an income.  (I guess $1 million less taxes didn’t amount to “income” according to her.)

Well, Miss Clayton, the mother of two children, was found dead over the weekend from an “accidental prescription drug overdose.”  At the time of her death, the amount of money she had was a “far cry from where she started.”

This new story certainly doesn’t put a smile on my face but I do wonder how much of the $735,000 she actually received was put into a college fund for her children.  Hmmm…..