Julian Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks, has been holed up since June in a small office in an apartment which is the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.  He sought asylum from the Ecuadorean government when England expressed its willingness to extradite this weasel to Sweden to answer questions about an alleged rape and sexual molestation.

Of course, once he’s finished in Sweden, no doubt he will be extradited to the United States to answer questions and possibly face charges regarding WikiLeak’s publication of classified documents.

Instead of facing these charges, like a man, this sniveling little wussy has chosen to hide out in an apartment and is now cry babying to President Obama (another cry baby) “to do the right thing.”

Kudos to the English authorities who’ve said “we will not allow Mr. Assange safe passage out of the United Kingdom.”  So, unless this loser can figure out how to get to Heathrow without touching English soil, he’s stuck sleeping on an air mattress at the Ecuadorean Embassy.

I’m wondering how the personnel at the Embassy are dealing with this squatter in their apartment considering accounts that the man never flushes the toilet.

Mr. Assange reminds me of all the anonymous people who hide behind clever little monikers and write their idiotic, vicious comments about anything and everyone they disagree with.  Instead of using their real names so we all know who they are, they write their ugly one liners and feel ever so good about themselves expressing their freedom of speech.

Mr. Assange, does his thing, but now hides behind the Ecuadorean government for protection like a scared little sissy.  For me, Mr. Assange is the lowest form of scum.  I hope his demands that “the United States must renounce its witch hunt against Wikileaks;  the United States must dissolve its FBI investigation;  the United States must vow that it will not seek our supports” fall on deaf ears.  But we have our own group of wimps in Washington who may answer his pleas.

There’s a great line in this weekend’s “The Expendables 2” movie by Sylvester Stallone’s character when asked what the plan was to retrieve the box containing valuable information from the villain:  “Track him, find him, kill him.”  If I were a violent woman, I’d have The Expendables take care of Mr. Assange.  But I’m not.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.

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