Dear Wimp, uh, I mean Representative:

Attorney General Eric Holder refused to turn over to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee documents it requested, after saying he had already provided thousands of pages relating to the fiasco known as “Fast and Furious” during which one of our brave U.S. Border Patrol Agents, Brian Terry, was killed.  The Committee voted to hold Mr. Holder in contempt of Congress.  Speaker of the House, John Boehner, scheduled that vote last Thursday.

I then read the following press release:

“Today Members of Congress including the Congressional Black, Hispanic, Asian Pacific American, Progressive and Democratic Caucuses will walk off the Floor instead of voting to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, in order to express their strong opposition to this partisan activity. Earlier today, the House Democratic Caucus voted unanimously to endorse the walkout. This contempt hearing distracts both the Congress in their duty to pass legislation that is pertinent to the American people as well as the Department of Justice from investigating and pursuing real crimes.

The walkout was joined by former House Speaker and current House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, along with 107 of her Democratic colleagues. That left 82 Democrats in the chamber, of whom 65 voted ‘no’ on holding Holder in contempt of Congress, and 17 conservative Democrats voting ‘yes.’”

So instead of having the cojones to put your vote on the record, you whine like little babies and cry “racism” throughout the halls of Congress.

Shame on each and every one of you who didn’t have the courage to vote!  if you don’t think Mr. Holder should have been held in contempt, then you should’ve voted “no.”  You should’ve voted your conscience, but, instead, each and every one of you acted like a wimp and walked out.

I don’t get why any Congressperson would not be interested in having ALL the information out in the open about the death of Agent Brian Terry.  So much for the promise of transparency made by the “hope and change” occupant of the Oval Office.

Instead, you claim it’s all partisan politics with a little bit of the predictable race card thrown in claiming the Republicans are out to get Mr. Holder because he’s black.  I doubt whether Rep. Issa cares what color Mr. Holder is.  His color certainly isn’t of any concern to me and I’m sure his color isn’t of any interest to the rest of America; all we’re interested in knowing is how did this tragedy occur.

Instead of doing your job – cast votes – you throw your little hissy fit and walk out of the chamber and feel oh so good about yourself and oh so superior because you’re taking a stand against whatever perceived injustice you believe is being perpetrated upon the American people – who by the way, pay your salary.  All show and no substance as far as I’m concerned.

So, if you’re not interested in finding out the truth, fine.  But, at the very least, the information is “pertinent” to the members of Agent Brian Terry’s family and they’re not only entitled to know exactly how their loved one was killed and who was responsible for it, but they have to right to know.

I also think it’s disgraceful that Mr. Holder, according to the interviews I’ve seen, has never spoken to the Terry family either in person or by telephone.  The only communication he’s had with the family is through a couple of letters attached to emails.  Shameful!

If I were Empress of the World, each and every one of you would’ve have been long gone as a result of term limits and, if you were in your first term, you’d still all be packed and heading home looking for real jobs.

Leona R. Salazar






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