I can’t remember if I ever agreed with Senate Majority Leader Harry (D-Nev.) about anything.  We are at opposite ends of the political spectrum.  But I think I finally found something that we can agree upon.

Burn our Olympic Team’s uniforms!

Before anyone gets riled up saying I’m not patriotic or anything else, hear me out.  Apparently, the Team USA uniforms that will be worn by our athletes at the opening ceremonies are MADE IN CHINA!

How can this be?  Earlier in the year I wrote an article “Made in China for the Catholic Church” in which I related my search for a Communion gift for my grand-niece but everything I found, even at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC, was made in China.  I even wrote to then Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan asking why the Catholic Church cannot find one manufacturer in the United States willing to make religious gifts.

How is it that the U.S. Olympic Committee, even if it wants to partner up with Ralph Lauren for the clothing, can’t find an American manufacturer?

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