Anders Breivik is facing trial for the massacre of 77 people last July during a bombing and shooting spree in Oslo, Norway, at a youth camp on a nearby island.

He claims his violent actions were part of a crusade against Islamic immigration and Norway’s increasingly multicultural society.

According to the report I read, “in Norway’s justice system, a panel of judges rather than a jury determines guilt or innocence, and some of the judges, like Judge Ernst Henning Eielsen, are laypeople appointed to four-year terms.  In cases like Breivik’s, five judges – two of them professional and three of them laypeople – preside over the case.

Well, last week, during the testimony by an expert on religion, Judge Eielsen was captured on camera playing Free Cell solitaire for 16 minutes!

Considering he is one of five judges that will decide Breivik’s fate, I’m sure the families of the victims, as well as the rest of Norway and anyone else concerned about justice being served in this matter, will be comforted to know that he’s scoring points on his computer.

Absolutely shameful!

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