I have absolutely no idea what’s happening in this country.

We have our President simply declaring (not by Executive Order, by the way) that illegal alien children brought into this country by their illegal alien parents will no longer be deported but will be given the right to work, even though he could have accomplished this through Congress during his first two years in Office when he had a majority in both chambers.

Then we have Jessie Ceja, the principal at Orestimba High School in Newman, Calif., giving Saul Tello, Jr. the okay to deliver his valedictorian speech in Spanish.  (Tello said he wanted to give it in both English and Spanish but was told there was time for only one speech so he opted for Spanish.)  “A California school district is defending its decision to allow a valedictorian to deliver his graduation speech entirely in Spanish even though many people in the audience only spoke English and felt excluded from the ceremony.”

Now I heard that the Metropolitan State College of Denver has different tuition fees for citizens and illegal aliens.  Here goes:   In state citizen$4,300.00  Out-of-state citizens$16,000.00  Illegal Aliens $7,200.00  How is this fair to every immigrant who entered this country without breaking any laws, jumped through every hoop, paid their  dues, waited their time, and became a legal citizen living outside the state of Colorado?  He or she has to pay $16,000 a year while anyone who breaks our laws by crossing our borders illegally and takes up residence can go to Metro State for less than half that amount.

It’s outrageous!

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