You probably heard about Rudy Eugene, who was caught on camera eating the face off of Ronald Poppa, a 65-year old homeless man, alongside a highway in broad daylight in Florida.  Eugene was fatally shot by a Miami police officer during the attack.

Well, guess who’s crawled out of the woodwork once again.  That’s right.  Gloria Allred.  She’s now “representing” one of Eugene’s girlfriends, Yovonka Bryant.  I have absolutely no idea why Bryant needs an attorney and it sickens me that Allred is out there, once again, capitalizing on some horrific situation, figuratively — if not literally — eating off the carcass of some unfortunate creature.

My brain isn’t twisted enough to come up with a theory for a lawsuit;  perhaps Allred will be pimping a movie or book deal.  Who knows? To me, the woman is a maggot.





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