Just in case anyone doesn’t know who Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is, he’s the first governor in the history of the United States to survive a recall vote.

He came under fire last year when he cut collective bargaining rights for most public workers.  If you’ll remember, that’s when some Democrats left the state like a bunch of scared rabbits in order to avoid voting on the proposed budget reforms.  Well, Gov. Walker’s actions didn’t sit well with the unions so they tried to get him recalled. Well, it didn’t work folks.

Gov. Walker won with a wide margin even greater than when he was elected in 2010.

Last night’s vote for a big win for the State’s conservatives and should send a loud message to tax and spend politicians all over the country.  Now, if only Gov. “Moonbeam” out in California would take a few tips from Gov.  Walker’s playbook on how to fix a state budget.


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