With all the misery, violence, crime, and depressing news about the economy we read about everyday, it’s always wonderful and refreshing to read something that continues to give you faith in our fellow man and reminds us that there is still plenty of goodness out there.

Case in point.  Nine-year old Brendan Haas, whose Facebook page is entitled, A Soldier for a Soldier.  “Inspired by the story of the guy who, through a series of trades, turned a paper clip into a house, Haas started with a toy soldier and eventually traded up to $900 worth of Disney gift certificates, airfare and hotel credits.”

Instead of enjoying the fruits of his labor and going to Disney World, on Memorial Day, he pulled out of a hat the name of Liberty Hope Steele, the daughter of a 25-year old solider, U.S. Army Lt. Timothy Steele, who was killed last year in Afghanistan, and gave her his all-expense-paid vacation.

In a world where narcissistic behavior and selfishness is seen way too often in young children, there’s hope when we read stories about little guys like Brendan who take charity and kindness to a whole other level.  His parents should be very proud!