Well, if there’s anyone who thinks there isn’t a political bias in our schools, check out this video clip.  You’ll be hearing a “dialogue” between student,  Hunter Rogers, and social studies teacher, Tonya Dixon-Neely.  The discussion centered around the recent report that Mitt Romney bullied someone in high school decades ago.  The student then raised the issue that President Obama admitted to bullying someone as well.  Then the teacher went into this tirade. (If you want to hear the entire video, you can click here.

Of course, this teacher, because of her powerful union, still has her job;  she has, however, been suspended, with pay, which is code for “you can now go on a paid vacation while the dust settles.”

How this woman has a job teaching our young people is beyond me.

First, I don’t know how a teacher would allow a discussion to escalate to such a degree where she begins to screech at the student. Clearly, she has no self-control and she certainly doesn’t have any control of her classroom.

Second, how stupid is she to actually tell a student that he could be arrested for speaking ill of the President?  Where does she think she’s teaching?  In Thailand?  (A 62-year old Thai man who became known as “Uncle SMS” after he was convicted of defaming Thailand’s royal family in text messages died recently while serving a 20-year prison term.)

Third, how does she allow students to use the word “shit” in her classroom and then to repeat the same word herself?

Discussing both sides of every issue is the right thing to do.  Politicizing a classroom is just wrong.  This woman should be fired and become the poster child for homeschooling everywhere!


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