If you look up the words “despicable,” “creep,” “scumbag,” or “disgusting human being,” you’ll probably see a picture of this man.  His name is Richard Finkbiner, age 39 of Brazil, Indiana.

“Why is Leona being so harsh on this guy?” you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.

Last month, he was charged in a federal complaint with the sexual exploitation of children.  It involved two 14-year old boys but the FBI said it found thousands of sexually explicit images and videos on this guy’s computer which suggests “several hundred” other victims.

This is what he did.  He befriended young boys on social media websites and captured sexually explicit videos they themselves uploaded on what they thought was an anonymous video chat site.  (Why anyone, child or adult, uploads explicit videos of photos of themselves is beyond me – but I digress.)

He would then tell these kids that if they didn’t record more videos, he would release the clips online or send them to their friends.  According to the U.S. Attorney, Finkbiner would threaten to “make these images available to people close to [the victims], which was designed to frighten them.”  He also threatened to out the children to their parents, friends, coaches and pastors.  The complaint adds that he also threatened to post some of the images to gay pornographic websites.

If convicted, this human trash could face 30 years in federal prison.  All I can say is “put me on the jury!”

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