Sometimes I have to wonder, “how stupid can some people really be?”  It’s mind-boggling that some people can actually wake up in the morning, get dressed, and hold on to a job.

In nearby Seattle, there’s a Highway 520 bridge project going on by the Kiewit-General-Manson construction company.  A hidden camera was set up in a temporary office of the construction team which showed employees with beers in their hands or on their desks.  It also showed two men bringing a half-rack of beer to the office and the refrigerator contained two 12-packs.  I have no idea what their job descriptions were, but I know I wouldn’t want them near any construction plans or making any decisions regarding the public safety.

Employers in Washington state are required to prohibit alcohol and narcotics in all workplaces.

Fortunately, there was no evidence of alcohol use in the construction zone.  But there had to have been some supervisor in the office.  So, how is this even possible?  And now these idiots are being sent to counseling for training.  Can you actually train someone not to be stupid?

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