Every time I turn around, someone is calling me a racist.  A Facebook “friend” constantly ranted about the tea party people, calling them racists because they disagreed with our President.  Not being a tea party member, but agreeing with a lot of what they’re about, I “unfriended” her after I got sick and tired of hearing it.  She never asked me why I unfriended her, but she’ll mention it every time she sees my husband.  He tells her, “don’t get me involved.”

Just about every week, some “celebrity” is spouting off and calling anyone who doesn’t think our President walks on water a racist.  You can also hear this mantra from the likes of Chris Matthews over at MSNBC.

Just for the record, I am not a racist.

I don’t care if President Obama is all black, all white, half black, half white, Native American, part Asian, all Asian or any other race, creed, nationality or religion.

I don’t care where he was born or what country he was raised.  I’m not interested that he ate dog as a child in Indonesia.  I don’t care who he mother was or whether his father was from Africa.  I don’t care that his grandparents raised him or that he lived in Hawaii.

Where he went to school, how well he did or didn’t do, what kind of education he received, what degrees he earned or whether he was the editor of the Harvard Law Review doesn’t concern me.

I do care that his friends included America-haters Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright only to the extent they shaped his own views of America.

It’s his business who he married except when she tries to get into my kitchen and tells me what to eat.  I couldn’t care less if he’s a good husband, how many children he has, or whether he’s a good father.  I don’t care whether he had girlfriends before he was married or whether he has any friends.

I don’t care whether he can bowl, likes beer, looks good in a tuxedo or on the beach, can read from a teleprompter, likes Al Green or Paul McCartney, likes basketball, whether people think he’s “cool,” or whether he can sing or dance or slow jam the news.

I don’t like his policies.  Plain and simple.

I didn’t like him in 2008 when he wanted to “spread the wealth” as he told Bill O’Reilly in an interview back then, and I still don’t like him in 2012 because he still wants to “spread the wealth” by taxing millionaires, which, by the way, isn’t going to make even a dent in our horrendous debt.

I don’t like that he’s spending us into bankruptcy.  I don’t like that he’s raised our national debt over $4 trillion since taking office less than four years ago.

I didn’t like his stimulus package which cost the American taxpayer over $800 billion dollars with very little to show for it. I don’t like his philosophy that government creates jobs (except, of course, government jobs which continue to grow under his administration).

I don’t like Obamacare.  I don’t like the government telling me I have to buy something.  I can only hope the Supreme Court will overturn this debacle.

I don’t like that he’s turned a Constitutional issue regarding freedom of religion into a “war on women.”

Let me say it one more time.  I don’t like his policies.  Period.

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