…..she’s back!  Yes, Nadya Suleman, an unmarried woman, aka Octomom, is back in the news.  You’ll no doubt recall this is the lovely woman who gave birth to 8 children in 2009, having had 6 children already, for a total of 14.

(I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that the fertility doctor who helped Miss Suleman achieve her goal lost his license last year.)

Anyway, no surprises here.  She’s now filed bankruptcy and is  receiving welfare thanks to the good people of California.  She’s now considering making a porn film in order to provide for her “struggling family.”  Although she’s turned down porn offers in the past, she says, “I have to do what is best for my children and I need a fresh start.”

With 15 mouths to feed over the next 15 years (at the very least), how much does she actually expect to earn by shedding her clothes and doing a helluva lot more?

Even if she were paid $1 million today after taxes, that’s only $66,666 per mouth to feed for 15 years, or $4,444 a year or $12 a day, or $4 per meal for the next 15 years for herself and each of her 14 children.  And that doesn’t include clothing, healthcare, housing, utilities, education, etc., etc.

At today’s interest rates, she can’t expect to earn very much interest on that take home pay and does she really think she’s smart enough to invest her money wisely? Up until this point in her 37 years she hasn’t done one thing wisely.  Any money she’s received by exploiting herself and her children up until this point has been spent.  Why would she think a porn film would give her a “fresh start?”

Unfortunately, any mental health this woman receives (and desperately needs) as well as the care of her children will be at the taxpayers’ expense.  If I were Empress of the world, the fertility doctor would be required to support these children.

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