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People Have to be Told Not to Drink Beer on the Job

Sometimes I have to wonder, “how stupid can some people really be?”  It’s mind-boggling that some people can actually wake up in the morning, get dressed, and hold on to a job. In nearby Seattle, there’s a Highway 520 bridge project going on by the Kiewit-General-Manson construction company.  A hidden camera was set up in […]

Cross-Dresser Crosses the Line

Look at this guy.  He’s  Peter Rettman.  Doesn’t he look like he could be anyone’s grandfather?  He probably is.  But he’s also not a nice guy.  Not because he’s a cross-dresser.  I couldn’t care less.  But because he crossed the line. First of all, he’s reported to be a “renowned stockbroker” and University of Washington […]

Why Does Tonya Dixon-Neely Have a Job?

Well, if there’s anyone who thinks there isn’t a political bias in our schools, check out this video clip.  You’ll be hearing a “dialogue” between student,  Hunter Rogers, and social studies teacher, Tonya Dixon-Neely.  The discussion centered around the recent report that Mitt Romney bullied someone in high school decades ago.  The student then raised […]


I often wonder what provokes President Obama to speak out about some events, while he elects to remain silent about others. During the Sandra Fluke-Rush Limbaugh brouhaha, President Obama called the Georgetown student to offer words of encouragement.  But the President is speechless when conservative women such as Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, Ann Coulter or […]

Union Thug Bashes Gov. Nikki Haley Pinata

I love when these things end up on youtube.  It just goes to show how vile the far left can be. Last weekend, during a retirement gathering for outgoing AFL-CIO South Carolina Chapter President, Donna Dewitt, she took a baseball to a pinata bearing a likewise to S.C. Governor Nikki Haley who has been an […]

Ronald Reagan – Ya Gotta Love Him!

I friend of mine recently sent me this video clip of Ronald Reagan.  I thought it was worth posting it here.  I love the punch line!  (Click “Read More” to view the video.)

Anderson Cooper Kicks “Human Barbie” Off His Show

In March, I posted an article, “Parenting Gone Very Wrong” in which I wrote about Sarah Burge who gave her very young daughter gift certificates for plastic surgery. Well, I guess she’s come to America and recently appeared on the Anderson Cooper show.  After she explained why her 15-year old daughter who she says is […]

Pentagon Orders Study to Study Whether It Does Too Many Studies

You read that correctly.  The Pentagon has ordered a study to study whether it does too many studies. In 2010, the Pentagon launched its study of studies after it had received a large amount of studies. As a result, the Government Accountability Office reviewed this latest “study” and decided it was a flop because it […]

Fisker Karma Goes Up In Flames

This is not the first time I’m writing about the Fisker Karma.  As I’ve said before, our government is hellbent on shoving “green” technology down our throats whether we like it or not. Well, here’s yet another story coming out of Texas: “Last week, a fire badly damaged the home of a new Fisker Karma owner, […]

Context: Exceptionalism by Brian Walsh

By:  Brian Walsh For the last four to six years, if not longer, many people have accused now President Barack Obama of not believing in America’s exceptionalism.  From Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity, the list goes on.  Likewise, so does the list of those who defend him and his stance. If you search through the internet […]